Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks DVD

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Monster truck fans here they come, the biggest, baddest, toughest trucks on Earth!…. It’s a Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks DVD Set!

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This is AS SEEN ON TV! Thrill to over 2 hours of spectacular, bone-jarring, ear-shattering, monster truck crashes, flips, rollovers, racing, wheelies, freestyling, and donuts featuring some of the most famous trucks in the world!

Lots & Lots of Monster Trucks DVD for Truck Lovers

Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks!

Witness the amazing action of your favorite old-school original muscle trucks from the early 80’S to today’s high-flying supercharged mega-motor machines! Crank up the volume. Let the high-velocity soundtracks and supercharged special effects take you to the edge of your seat!

DISC 1 – THE BIGGEST AND BADDEST You won’t believe your eyes as these OLD SCHOOL muscle machines fly through the air – flipping, twisting, tumbling, and crunching their way to the ground with parts exploding everywhere!

See all your favorite vehicles smash, crash, spin and roll out of control! Plus you will see monster truck racing, mud-bogging, demolition derby action, motocross, daredevils, truck pulls, and more! Modified Chevy Trucks and Ford Trucks like you’ve never seen before!

DISC 2 – TOUGHEST TRUCKS ON EARTH in widescreen format!! Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as we capture the incredible freestyle and racing thrills and spills action of today’s hottest monster trucks from the famous “Toughest Monster Trucks Tour”! See Bigfoot®, Tailgator, Barbarian, Bounty Hunter®, Outlaw, Hot Tamale, Avenger®, Big Dawg, Double Trouble, Toxic, Equalizer, and many more!

Plus, out of this world freestyle Motocross, monster truck racing, Tuff Trucks, Quads, the car crunching Transaurus, RC Trucks, Kid KJ and more! This is one monster truck experience you’ll never forget! FREE Collector’s Edition POSTER includes action shots of Razin’ Kane, Toxic, Big Dawg, Tailgator, Transaurus, and Motocross daredevils!! Suitable for framing!

Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks DVD review

When I was first married, we used to go to our county fair every summer and watch the Monster Truck races. If you’ve never seen giant trucks drive over each other and crash into each other, it’s an experience you definitely need to have.  We moved away from that area years ago. And, I have missed Monster Trucks since then.

When I received Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks DVD to review, I was thrilled to be able to watch all my favorites like Bigfoot and Equalizer.  You also get to watch motorbikes do some amazing stunts on the DVD as well which was lots of fun to watch.

I really appreciate that this is family-friendly.  There are no horrible accidents to watch where people get hurt. It’s a movie the entire family can enjoy from toddlers all the way up to the grandparents.

Finally, I love that this is available as a 2 DVD set and it includes a free poster. It’s a great gift idea. So, if you enjoy entertaining and educational video clips, subscribe to the Marshall Publishing & Promotions YouTube channel. Buy it today.

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  1. My boys especially my 5 year old loves, loves, loves monster trunks…. he would be so stoked if i won these!! 🙂 so i definitely would give them to him!

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