Playmobil DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Lucky’s Happy Home

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If you have a horse lover on your gift list this year, they are going to love the Playmobil DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Lucky’s Happy Home.

Spirit Riding Free is an animated television series by DreamWorks Animation that is about a girl named Lucky and the bond she has with the wild horse, Spirit.

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Playmobil DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Lucky's Happy Home

Spirit Riding Free Lucky’s Happy Home

Lucky lives in the country with her Dad, Aunt Cora, and her horse, Spirit. Lucky’s Happy Home is a Playmobil house with an upstairs and downstairs and a porch. It includes Two figures, a horse, quite a few pieces of furniture and accessories.

There are accessories for both inside (like a table and chairs) and outside (like a fence and barrel) the house. I love the details included with this playset. There are pots and dishes for the kitchen and a little goose and bird for outside. The figures can hold some of the smaller accessories like the wooden spoon and the teapot.

Playmobil DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Lucky's Happy Home

And, there is a little trap door in the kitchen that can hold all of the small pieces like the rolling pin, dishes, and plates so they don’t get lost in between uses. This is an awesome feature that many playsets just don’t have.  When you’re playing with the house, there is a rug that covers up the trap door just like you might do in a real home.

Playmobil DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Lucky's Happy Home

Playmobil Spirit Toys

This playset comes with Aunt Cora and Lucky and Spirit. But, you can find other Playmobil Spirit toys including Lucky’s Dad and a Wagon, Abigail and Boomerang with a Horse Stall, and Lucky’s Bedroom. That way, your child can expand their Spirit playset with more options.

Playmobil DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Lucky's Happy Home

This does need to be assembled in part but it is really quite simple to do. Each side of the playset is assembled. You need to snap in the windows, door, and curtains. Then, you need to snap the sides into the floor and attach the roof and detailing like the cupola and the porch railing. The last step is to assemble the furniture. I had the entire thing assembled and everything placed where it goes in about 45 minutes.

If your child is a fan of the show Spirit Riding Free this is the gift you need to put under the tree this year. They’ll spend hours playing with it and creating their own stories with the characters.

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