Marcus & Marcus Silicone Bath Toys

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If you’re looking for silicone bath toys, check out these mold free bath toys by Marcus & Marcus. Find out where to get mold free water toys.

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Marcus & Marcus Silicone Bath Toys

Marcus & Marcus Silicone Bath Toys

My kids used to love playing with bath toys when they were little. Now we know that many of the bath toys out there contain materials that aren’t safe for children to put in their mouths like phthalates. Or maybe you’ve noticed that water (and germs) get inside the toys and then come out in the bath water when you squeeze them? 

Have you ever squeezed a bath toy only to be blasted with scary black chunks of mold?  Most bath squeezers on the market are breeding grounds for molds that you don’t want your little one’s bathing in (or even worse drinking).

YUCK! Break the mold cycle with Marcus & Marcus’ NEW Mold Free Squirting Bath Toys that allow parents to clean and air dry the toys after each use to prevent mold growth inside. The soft silicone material also makes it perfect for babies to hold and play with providing hours of bath time fun!

Mold free bath toys

These child-safe silicone bath toys are available in 5 animal characters (Marcus the Lion (Red), Pokey the Pig (Pink), Lola the Giraffe (Yellow), Ollie the Elephant (Green and Willo the Whale (Purple).

They are also available in Submarine or Rocket Ship designs. They are TOTALLY SAFE. Each Marcus & Marcus Toy is BPA Free, PVC Free & Phthalate Free & 100% Smell Free and it’s made with non-toxic silicone, so it’s completely safe for kids.

The Rocket Ship also features heat-sensing technology that changes color if bath water is too hot!

This is a great bath toy that any young child would enjoy with features that moms will surely appreciate. You can find Marcus & Marcus Silicone Bath Toys at Sears and

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  1. My little guy loves bathtime, and I am always worried about risk of mold with his toys so this would be great. How does it “allow parents to clean and air dry the toys after each use to prevent mold growth inside”?? Do the toys open up completely or come apart? More details would be nice.

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