Merry Stirring Mice by Cynthia Dreeman Meyer

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Looking for a fun Christmas book? Check out Merry Stirring Mice by Cynthia Dreeman Meyer. Find out what really goes on the night before Christmas in this delightful turnaround on the claim, “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” Watch Mama Mouse and Papa Mouse show their kids, Max and Molly, how to prepare for the MAN. “Help your sister stir the candy cane mix,” Mama Mouse begins. Soon come the sugarplums, the candy canes, and finally the note that says “For Santa.” Add to the fun by searching for the mischievous spider capering through every illustration. Can you find his name too?

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Merry Stirring Mice by Cynthia Dreeman Meyer

Merry Stirring Mice

I’m sure you remember the line in Twas The Night Before Christmas that goes “Not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse.” We know that stirring means moving but your child might hear stirring like stirring cake batter which might lead to the question of ” What exactly are the mice stirring?” In Merry Stirring Mice, you’ll take a look into the mice’s world and learn exactly what they’re stirring when everyone thinks they’re being still.  They’re making all of the delicious candy that Santa needs for Christmas time. The adorable illustrations will show your child the mice and their kitchen as they see this secret side of Santa’s preparation for Christmas.

Merry Stirring Mice is a fun look into Twas The Night Before Christmas as seen through the mice’s eyes. This book is a beautiful hardcover that your child will enjoy reading over and over again this year and next.  The brightly colored illustrations will keep your child engaged as you read the story to them and they’ll definitely love hearing the cute story the author has created.

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Author: Cynthia Dreeman Meyer
ISBN: 978-0982794340
Genre: Children, Christmas
Release: September 1, 2014
Publisher: Beckham Publications Group
32 Pages

Gregory the Spider: Romping Through the Year

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