Millie’s Chickens by Brenda Williams and Valeria Cis

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The kids have always been fascinated with animals, and our library always included animal stories. Once we got our ducks and chickens, I could see that they were eager to start learning more about farms and farm animals. Once your child has the basic knowledge of farm animals, it’s always fun to expand on what they know with a few more in-depth books. 

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Millie's Chickens by Brenda Williams and Valeria Cis

Millie’s Chickens

Where do eggs come from? And how do you raise happy hens? Young Millie looks after three hens, a rooster, and seven chicks with love and care. Her playful story introduces children to keeping chickens. This book includes advice on raising chickens and cooking eggs. Millie’s Chickens is a companion to The Beeman.

Millie’s Chickens is part of the Barefoot Books family of books. Barefoot Books was founded in 1992 by two young moms working from home with the dream of creating beautiful books that celebrate diversity, spark curiosity, and capture children’s imaginations.From finding butterflies in the garden, a famous landmark in a far-flung city or a new favorite story character, every day brings the children in your life a door to adventure and discovery. The door just waits to be opened!

Every Barefoot book is designed to open kids’ hearts and minds, to launch little people on big adventures.

My thoughts:

Millie’s Chickens is an adorable children’s book full of brightly colored drawings of Millie and her pet chickens. Through the story, your child will learn more about Millie’s chickens and their lives with her. You will learn more about what they eat, the color eggs they lay, and how the chicks hatch as you watch Millie take care of them. Your child will become familiar with new words as they learn about the hopper that holds the grit they eat to strengthen the shells of the eggs they lay.

The story also emphasizes that the chickens need the sunshine, healthy food and to roam free to be healthy and happy. At the end of the book is a section that will teach your child more about caring for chickens, the different breeds mentioned in the story, the basics of chicken anatomy, and the parts of an egg. There is even a section with tips for preparing four different types of egg dishes for your child to make with you.

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