Moosh-Moosh™ Soft Plush Buddies for Cuddle Time

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Does your child like to take a few of their soft plush buddies to bed for nap time or cuddles while they’re watching TV? If so, you have to check out the Moosh-Moosh soft characters!

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Moosh-Moosh™ Soft Plush Buddies for Cuddle Time

Moosh-Moosh™ Soft Plush Buddies

The Moosh-Moosh™ are here to offer company, comfort, and love as a pillow pal, bedtime buddy and cuddle buddy wherever you want. They are made from super soft marshmallow-like texture and 100% polyester.

Moosh-Moosh come in three different sizes. You can find them in regular (7″), large (10″), and clip-on size (4″). The large size Moosh-Moosh are perfect as a small pillow for a younger child. The regular size is perfect to snuggle with while you nap or watch TV. Or, take the clip-on size along with you clipped to a diaper bag or a backpack.

Moosh-Moosh are available in so many different characters that it would be impossible to list them all. You can find a fox, unicorn, monkey, puppy, shark, ladybug, bat, leopard, bee and more. There is literally something for everyone.

Moosh-Moosh™ Soft Plush Buddies for Cuddle Time

About the brand:

Behind the Moosh-Moosh logo is a caring company that donates plush buddies as the need arises. A Kindergarten teacher in the Washington, DC area was looking for an educator discount to buy her 28 students plushies for a reading circle. Imagine her surprise when Sean Price, VP of Business Development and Marketing for parent company MMG Brands, shipped her two dozen soft friends!

Moosh-Moosh™ Soft Plush Buddies for Cuddle Time

My thoughts:

I love how soft and cuddly the Moosh-Moosh are. I really couldn’t believe how super-soft to the touch they are. The range of characters is awesome as well. They have “real” animals like sharks and dogs. But, they also have more fantastical characters like unicorns. And, if you’d like to buy one of these as a Halloween gift, you can find two bats (Oswald and Drac) as well as Midnight the Cat.

Moosh-Moosh™ Soft Plush Buddies for Cuddle Time

The Moosh-Moosh are very affordable starting at $5.99 for the clip on and $9.99 for the regular and $14.99 for the large. They make a great gift for kids and teens alike. Add them to Christmas stockings or as a cuddly gift under the tree this year.

You can find them at their online store or look for them at stores like Michaels and Walmart.

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