Stikbot Dino Movie Set from Zing

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Have you heard of Stikbots? Well keep reading and learn more about Stikbot Dino Movie Set from Zing. Have you ever heard of stop-motion animation? It’s the technique used to make it look like animated figures are really moving. It’s done by stopping and starting the camera. Well, now your child can learn to do it themselves.

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Stikbot Dino Movie Set from Zing

Stikbot Dino Movie Set from Zing

Get ready to create the next big Blockbuster! Will you examine dinos in their heavily secured pen or have your Stikbots run fast when they escape to wreak havoc? You decide what adventure your prehistoric pals will go on.

Basically, your child will download the app from Stikbot (iOS or Android) and use the app to take photos of your Stikbot movie set. But, first, you’ll need to build the movie set using the pieces included. The set includes on Stikbot (you can buy more separately), 12 accessories, 4 hand clips, and a sheet of stick-on clothes for your Stikbot. The base of the movie set has two sides so you can make your stop-motion animated movies in a variety of different ways.

I really love all of the accessories that are included with this. There are even little Stikbot dino eggs included along with a variety of different clothes and accessories to change the look of your movie. The dinosaur is not included. So, if you’re wondering where to buy Stikbot dinosaurs, you can find them on Amazon.

Then, when you’re done creating your movie, you can share it using #Stikbot so that your friends can check it out and you can see yours. If you run out of ideas, there is new Stikbot content on YouTube daily to keep you motivated. The Stikbot Dino Movie Set is intended for children ages 4 and up.

If you have a child that loves learning about technology and making videos, the Stikbot Dino Movie Set is a toy you need to get. I love that this is not only awesome for STEM learning but is engaging enough to keep even an older child’s interest. Look for it on Amazon and at other toy retailers.

There are a lot of Stikbot movie sets to choose from including a castle, farm, pirates, and spaceship.

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