Mortal End: A Simmering Pit Of Jiggery Pokery by Toula Mavridou-Messer

Mortal End: A Simmering Pit Of Jiggery Pokery by Toula Mavridou-Messer

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Mortal End: A Simmering Pit Of Jiggery Pokery
Author: Toula Mavridou-Messer
Genre: Fiction, mystery, fantasy
Release: July 28, 2014
Publisher: 100 Percent Publishing
180 Pages
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“A lightning storm sparks a fire deep in Phooka Wood.

The following morning, Mortal End’s self righteous rector Ænus P. Wordsworth, his sidekick Savant Poe and a motley crew of villagers venture into the wood to see what damage has been done.

To their amazed befuddlement, right in the centre of the seared earth is a giant mound of molten toffee and within it, a selection of human remains.

Ænus P. Wordsworth takes it upon himself to find out who these bones belong to and how they came to be there. In doing so, he uncovers a horrific tale of murder, incest and cannibalism that spreads throughout the neighbouring villages that surround Phooka Wood.

Their investigation takes them to all corners of their roundabout world; from Mortal End to the oozing Hamlet of Stifle and Little Napoo. Along their colourful journey, we are introduced to a larger than life cast from Doc Sheare the barber surgeon, Verrye Brutall the handsome woodsman, Beliala Bigswoln the publican’s daughter, Baron Rubigo Bluebeard and Umbra the Bogyman.

Mortal End: A Simmering Pit Of Jiggery Pokery by Toula Mavridou-Messer

Mortal End is a rather dismal town with a variety of odd characters. Awoken one night by a huge fire that threatens to destroy the town, Ænus P. Wordsworth finds a seared mound of toffee with human bones sticking out of it. He decides that he is the one best suited for the task of finding out who these remains belong to. Through help of the others in the town, they slowly piece together the mystery surrounding these remains.

You would think that with a topic like this, Mortal End would be a dark, difficult to read story. However, the author has managed to make this a fun read despite the grizzly murder. The character names she has chosen truly set the stage from Dock (the doctor) to a rather large woman from a neighboring town with the last name of Bigswoln. She weaves the story together in the most artistic way and I can really see the story in my mind when I read.

Not only is Mortal End an engrossing story, it’s a book that makes you think. I’m not ashamed to say that I had to grab the dictionary a few times to find out definitions for the words she uses and I have a fairly good vocabulary.  Had a wonderful time reading this story and couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out who did it.  If you enjoy dark, but easy to read mysteries, I definitely recommend Mortal End: A Simmering Pit Of Jiggery Pokery by Toula Mavridou-Messer. This will be a great Halloween read!

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  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed the book. I’m not a fan of this genre – I tend to spend my reading time in the past. But i have a lot of friends that do love it so I’ve shared.

  2. Wow this sounds like it would make a great Tim Burton movie! I am very intrigued, even though this isn’t the type of book I usually go for!

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