The Tom and Jerry Show Frisky Business DVD

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The Tom and Jerry Show Frisky Business DVD
Genre: Children’s, cartoon
DVD Run Time: 286 minutes
DVD Release Date: September 23, 2014
Studio: Turner Home Ent

The ageless exploits of Tom and Jerry continue to entertain audiences in a fresh new show! In The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 1, viewers will chase down laughs with everyone’s favorite cat and mouse team as they run rampant across 13 fun-packed episodes that are sure to leave fans clawing for more. Joining Tom and Jerry in their new escapades, are all their favorite pals, including Spike, Tyke, Tuffy and Butch. Fans can anticipate an entertaining set of adventures that follow the rambunctious pair as they tear around the house, get into some hilarious haunted happenings and mix up laboratory experiments, all in good fun. They might even take a break from tussling and team up to solve a few mysteries along the way. It’s all in a day’s work for these animated adversaries who are back to entertain a whole new generation of fans!

The Tom and Jerry Show Frisky Business DVD

Tom and Jerry was one of my all time favorite cartoons when I was a child.  No matter what, Tom just never gave up trying to catch Jerry and Jerry always got the best of the situation. I loved that Tom never gave up trying.  As a Mom, when my kids watched Tom and Jerry, I knew that I didn’t have to worry about anything inappropriate. There was never any attitude or back talk. It was always good, clean fun for everyone.

The Tom and Jerry Show Frisky Business DVD is Season One, Part One.  It contains 13 different episodes on two DVDs that include your favorite characters: Tom, Jerry, Spike, Tyke, Tuffy and Butch.

Featured Shorts:

  • Spike Get Skooled/Cats Ruffled Furniture
  • Sleep Disorder/Tom’s In-Tents Adventure
  • Birthday Bashed/Feline Fatale
  • Cat Nippy/Ghost of a Chance
  • Holed Up/One of a Kind
  • Belly Achin’/Dog Daze
  • Birds of a Feather/Vampire Mouse
  • Entering and Breaking/Franken Kitty
  • Tom-Foolery/Haunted Mouse
  • Here’s Looking A-Choo Kid!/Superfied
  • What a Pain/Hop to It!
  • For the Love of Ruggles/Sleuth or Consequences
  • Dinner is Swerved/Bottled Up Emotions

I love that these are some of my favorite episodes!  Tom-Foolery / Haunted Mouse is by far one of the best shorts included on this two DVD set. If you have a fan of Tom and Jerry in your home or want to find some clean entertainment for the kids, you will definitely want to watch The Tom and Jerry Show Frisky Business DVD.

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