Music Artist Feature – Val Yuri

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This music artist feature will introduce you to Val Yuri; a Ukranian child star turned sound designer. I love listening to music at night to relax. A beautiful song has the ability to calm me down and help me unwind. I choose music that is slower and softer in the evening compared to the more upbeat music I listen to during the day. This post has been sponsored, but the story is my own.

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Music artist feature Val Yuri

Photo credit: Val Yuri

Music Artist Feature – Val Yuri

7-year-old Mariya drew inspiration from artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall and Nat King Cole. Being the youngest Jazz performer on the post-Soviet market, she quickly became a hot topic of discussion. At nine years of age, she performed side-by-side with Iosif Kobzon, a legendary Soviet singer, in front of the President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma.

By the time she was thirteen, she had become a household name in the post-soviet pop-jazz scene with performances at Usadba Jazz Festival in front of 2000 people, Golden Liliya Festival with an audience of 12000 and Moscow’s Kremlin opening up for Take 6 in front of 4500 people.

Given her success, she moved to New York and increased her time in the studio. She spent time in and out of meetings with producers, branding advisers, and choreographers. Everything was leading up to a record deal until a major label backed out at the last minute. You might think that this setback would have held her back, but instead, it moved her forward.

As one of the youngest students to ever graduate from Berklee College of Music, Mariya matured from a “pop-princess” into a business woman with work experience at top record companies, representing the other side of the table that she romanticized when she was a child.

It seemed that Mariya’s growing success in business would steer her away from art-making. But in reality it gave her a framework to become a better artist. Now she can make music that is both soul-nourishing and commercially viable. Mariya became Val Yuri, but it took some luck to fail first.

I had the opportunity to listen to several of Val Yuri’s songs, and I am so impressed by her range. Her latest releases include Jazz Pop, a Power Ballad, Dance Pop and, Alternative Electronic. While I enjoyed all of her music, I think that the song that spoke to me the most was Holding On which is the Jazz Pop song. I love just closing my eyes and listening to this song. The music is so relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Val Yuri is truly a very talented musician and one I hope to hear more from.

Connect with her below to learn more about her music.

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  1. Music plays a large role in my day to day routine. I stumble in for coffee and turn on my favorite playlist as I walk by. I have several lists to choose from Blues, Rock, Jazz, and a mix of upbeat tunes I enjoy dancing around the house to with my granddaughter’s.

  2. She sounds like a young woman who is going to go far in the business and the music world. Thanks for sharing – I love to learn about new singers.

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