Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness Game

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I’ll let you in on a little secret: I love playing computer games. OK, it’s not really a secret but it is a guilty pleasure. After I work all day, I enjoy playing computer games to relax. One of my favorite genres of computer games is mysteries. There’s just something intriguing about searching for clues and secret treasures. 

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Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness game

Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness Game

I spent hours as a child curled up in a chair with a Nancy Drew book so it’s no surprise that I love playing the Nancy Drew mystery games from Her Interactive. I recently had the opportunity to play their latest game, Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness, which takes place in Iceland.

Nancy receives a letter to come to Iceland to investigate the disappearance of the captain of the celebrated ship “Heerlijkheid.” The Heerlijkheid has a special historical significance and is part of a yearly local festival. The captain should have sailed the boat ashore in the festival but he has disappeared with no trace. Some locals feel he has found the legendary treasure while others think he met with foul play.

Like other Nancy Drew games, you solve the game by wandering through the town and talking to people. You click on clues, ask questions and try to solve puzzles to discover more clues. Some of the puzzles are fairly simple like matching Icelandic words to English words and some are much more complicated. I had to get my son to help me solve the knot puzzle and I am still trying to figure out all the names of the sails on the Viking tall ship.

As you solve the puzzles, you uncover more clues and find items you can add to your inventory that you’ll need later. In the Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness game, you get to explore the ship hold and the ice caves. You can learn more about the ancient legend of the Heerlijkheid and the history of Iceland.

Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness Game

The characters are fun and realistic and there is enough information about them in the game to let you feel like you really get to know them. I enjoyed wandering through the snow in the Icelandic village and visiting all of the different buildings and locations.

This game is recommend for everyone 10 and up and there are two levels of difficulty. You might think that being an adult you’d want the Master level but I definitely recommend you start with the Amateur level instead. The puzzles really are quite challenging and the game is addictive.  I’ll be heading back to Iceland tonight after work to try to solve more of the mystery.

You can purchase this game from Her Interactive directly or find it at places like Walmart.

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  1. Oh this looks good. I love old ships, well more like old military ships but this is interesting too. They do make things more realistic with every game so I’ve come to love these mystery games.

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