National Geographic Presents Jerusalem

National Geographic Presents Jerusalem

National Geographic Presents JerusalemNational Geographic Presents Jerusalem is a new documentary that will give you a look at one of the world’s oldest cities. I have always loved watching documentaries about other countries and because of the Biblical significance of Jerusalem, it’s a city I’ve always wanted to learn more about.

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National Geographic Presents Jerusalem

It is one of the world’s oldest, most fabled cities and a holy center of three major religions, but now it can be seen as never before on the screen. JERUSALEM, a new documentary from National Geographic, brings the city alive to home viewers with stunning 3D vistas as well as privileged looks into its past and present. The film arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from FilmBuff and MPI Media Group on December 1, 2015.

Filmed in 3D for IMAX and giant-screen theaters, the National Geographic documentary JERUSALEM is “an awe-inspiring and intimate portrait” (The Washington Post) of one of the world’s most beloved cities. Discover why this tiny piece of land is sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims through the experiences of three young Jerusalem women – one Muslim, one Jewish and one Christian – as they celebrate the city’s vibrant life and various holiday traditions.

Join world-renowned archeologist Dr. Jodi Magness as she explores underground tunnels and ancient ruins to solve some of the city’s greatest mysteries. Find out why, after thousands of years, Jerusalem, and the Holy Land continue to stir the imagination of billions of people. Unprecedented access to the city’s holiest sites, as well as rare and breathtaking aerial footage combine to make JERUSALEM “a mesmerizing vision” (The Boston Globe).

If you enjoy travel programs, especially to cities with historical significance, you’ll want to watch Jerusalem. The photography is just amazing and I loved being able to see what Jerusalem is really like now and what it was like in the past. It really made me feel like I was right there looking at the sites.

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