The Natural First Aid Handbook by Brigitte Mars

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Have you ever wondered if there is a natural first aid handbook? Whenever possible, I look for natural solutions to problems including minor injuries and illnesses. 

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The Natural First Aid Handbook by Brigitte MarsThe Natural First Aid Handbook

It’s not always easy to determine which natural suggestions on the internet will actually work. I’ve seen some really odd things out there. But, I know that there are real natural first aid solutions that do work. 

Stock your first aid kit with first-hand knowledge! Learn time-tested home remedies, important lifesaving techniques, and commonsense tips to treat everyday ailments and accidents.

This quick-reference guide teaches you basic first aid for common conditions, plus the most effective herbal and homeopathic treatments, some wilderness preparedness guidelines, and how to determine when to seek professional medical help.

Brigitte Mars is an herbalist and nutritional consultant who teaches at Naropa University and the School of Health Mastery. She is a founding member of the American Herbalists Guild, writes for the Huffington Post and Care2, and runs Herb Camp for Kids with her daughter in Colorado.

My thoughts:

I love that there is a resource that offers real herbal, homeopathic and essential oil treatments for basic first aid. Not only does it tell you how you can treat conditions naturally, it lets you know when you really should consult a doctor. Each condition has a “seem medical attention immediately if” section so it’s easy to tell when it’s safe to treat yourself first or when you should just head to the doctor.

This is a valuable resource not only for people who prefer natural treatments but to have on hand in case of natural disasters or for emergency preparedness. Hikers and camping enthusiasts will want to add this to their backpack to refer to while they’re not near a hospital or doctor.

This is something that everyone should have on their bookshelf. Buy it today.

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