Magic Sketch: Doodle, Draw and Sketch

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Magic Sketch is definitely one of the coolest products for kids. Kids love emulating what their parents do which is why toys like play kitchens and cars are so popular with children. Kids are fascinated with Mom and Dad’s tablets and cell phones. But, we rarely want to hand over our expensive technology for them to play with.

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Magic Sketch: Doodle, Draw and Sketch

Magic Sketch: Doodle, Draw, and Sketch

We don’t really want to encourage our youngest children to rely on technology to be entertained. But, they see us using our technology and want to pretend they are too. Magic Sketch allows children to doodle or draw on a liquid-crystal-display screen, then clear their work with a push of a button to start over. It is a similar size to a Kindle so your child can pretend they are doing what Mom and Dad are.

Magic Sketch: Doodle, Draw and Sketch

Magic Sketch is the first-ever semi-transparent LCD eWriter featuring the revolutionary new Colorburst display that lets kids create and trace in vivid rainbow colors. It looks and feels just like colorful pens on paper but with no mess and no expensive pens or paper to replace!

Magic Sketch: Doodle, Draw and Sketch

There are three included Textured Writing Tools that feature six uniquely textured tips. It’s an ingenious way for kids to bring imagination to life. Just hit the Erase Button when it’s time to create something new and Magic Sketch starts fresh in a flash, again and again. The sturdy Protective Case protects the durable Magic Sketch and provides a comfortable grip at home or on the go!

Magic Sketch: Doodle, Draw and Sketch


See-through screen for easy tracing
Durable and waterproof Free app to save, edit and share
7-year battery life For ages 4 and up


LCD Magic Sketch Writing Screen featuring Colorburst Protective cover and template holder
Writing stylus
3 Texture Tools with 6 unique tips
6 Game Templates
6 Learning Templates
6 Drawing Templates

Magic Sketch: Doodle, Draw and Sketch

My thoughts:

Magic Sketch really is loads of fun for kids of all ages. It can be used for doodling and drawing without the mess of crayons and markers. It can be used for tracing alphabets, shapes, and numbers as part of a homeschool unit study.

Older children will enjoy being able to create crossword puzzles or word searches or even tic tac toe to play with friends. I love that this has a multi-color screen and that you can reset the Magic Sketch by simply pressing a button. The 7-year battery life is amazing. I don’t know of any other tech toy that has that much battery life.

This is a great toy for kids and an easy way to keep kids occupied on car rides, in waiting rooms, or anywhere else you need a fun, engaging mess-free activity.

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