Obama at War with Syria DVD

Obama at War with Syria DVD

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Obama at War with Syria DVDI received a product for review.

The news is almost always on in our home. My husband is very interested in not only current events but in historical events. If there is a conflict going on in the world, he knows about it and can explain the historical significance as well. While I’m interested in our history, I don’t share his passion for current events.

Obama at War with Syria DVD

When President Barack Obama took office in 2008, he had campaigned on ending the war in Iraq and keeping the U.S. out of new military conflicts. But Obama now finds himself exactly where he didn’t want to be: trying to defeat a brutal terrorist group in Iraq and Syria without dragging America into a prolonged regional conflict. In this program, veteran FRONTLINE journalist Martin Smith examines the Obama administration’s complicated struggle to deal with the deadly civil war in Syria, now in its fifth year — and explores how the accompanying rise of ISIS has raised the stakes.

I’m not a fan of war. I don’t like fighting or killing in general. While I would prefer we were never involved in a war as a country, I realize that there are times this is necessary. This DVD examines Obama’s Syria policy from 2011 onward. It gives you a behind the scenes look at various viewpoints in the administration and how they dealt with the American public’s feelings on whether or not to provide military aid.

I also learned more about why ISIS is growing in that area and how it’s impacting the people who live in Syria. I understand more about the fact that Obama is trying to defeat ISIS without dragging our country into war again.

It was interesting seeing the different viewpoints in the administration. I also appreciated that there were many interviews included from key military and diplomatic leaders. I think this DVD gave me a larger understanding of the issue at hand.

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  1. I too would enjoy learning more about why ISIS is growing in that area and how it’s impacting the people who live in Syria. I feel pretty ignorant about the whole thing.

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