Odd Squad Villains The Best of the Worst on DVD

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Have you ever watched Odd Squad with your kids? I’ll admit this is a new show for me. Fans of secret agent type shows will definitely want to watch it because it looks super cute. Odd Squad is a series that is shown on PBS Kids if you want to check it out. Odd Squad Villains The Best of the Worst on DVD

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Odd Squad Villains

Have an unusual mystery to solve? Are things suddenly quite peculiar and … odd? Then you need Odd Squad, a high-tech agency run by kids who investigate unusual cases. This imaginative, live-action series from The Fred Rogers Company encourages kids to use math concepts and teamwork as they solve problems and set things right.

The Best of the Worst

Join the agents of Odd Squad as they use their math and problem-solving skills to defeat evil villains and set things right! When the Puppet Master turns a group of people including Otta and Olive into puppets, will the Odd Squad agents be able to crack the case and turn themselves back into humans?

Three other fun-filled stories find the Odd Squad team trying to stop Odd Todd from turning townspeople and agents invisible, preventing villain Fladam from destroying the city’s cubes, and recovering Ms. O’s very important briefcase from the Shape Shifter. Buy it today.

Stories include:

  • Now You Don’t See Me
  • The Briefcase
  • Flatastrophe
  • Puppet Show

My thoughts:

This is a fun series that reminds me of Spy Kids so if you have kids that like the spy, super agent, detective type shows they will enjoy this one as well. Not only is it entertaining, it encourages problem-solving skills in a fun way. This series is a great choice for children ages 5+ and helps to reinforce math concepts like counting and patterns.

The characters work together and are positive role models with good social skills. Each episode is about 15 minutes long and the DVD has 55 minutes of programming.  This is definitely a great program for grade school kids.

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