Outside Toy – Swerve Ball: Throw Like a Pro

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One of my goals when it comes to choosing toys for kids is to get them outside to run around and burn off some of their excess energy. While the weather is still beautiful outside, I’m trying to encourage my teens to get up off the couch and go outside. Some days, they spend far too much time on their phones and game systems and not enough time outside in the fresh air. 

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Outside Toy - Swerve Ball: Throw Like a Pro

Swerve Ball: Throw Like a Pro

Have you ever had the kids try and try to throw a curve ball like their favorite baseball player? It’s not that easy to learn! It’s all about where to place your fingers on the ball and how to angle it when you throw it. Not an easy thing for anyone to learn but especially not a child. If you’d like an easier way to throw a curve ball, you need to check out Swerve Ball.

By Harnessing the power of torque and airflow, its unique geometric shape “hexpropello dodecahedron“ allows swerve ball to make extreme, never before seen pitches. You just place your fingers on the special marks on the ball and learn six professional pitches in no time at all! Pitches include curve balls, sinkers, and even back door sliders.

Outside Toy - Swerve Ball: Throw Like a Pro

Swerve Ball has twice the curves of a normal baseball and is safe and easy to throw for children ages six and up. When you purchase Swerve Ball, you receive six balls, one sweet spot bat sleeve, and one strike zone backstop. This is an As Seen on TV product so you may remember seeing the commercial for this on television.

Outside Toy - Swerve Ball: Throw Like a Pro

Note that this does not include a whiffle ball bat so if you plan on using it for whiffle ball, you’ll need to have your own bat. My kids had a great time throwing these back and forth to each other so they swerved. Definitely order one of these and get the kids outside for a few hours to play. They’ll have a great time!

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