The Perils of Pauline by Collette Yvonne

The Perils of Pauline by Collette YvonneProduct provided.

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The Perils of Pauline
Author: Collette Yvonne
ISBN: 978-1941286050
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary
Release: February 7, 2015
Publisher: Astor + Blue Editions
298 Pages

Pauline Parril is a survival expert.

For ex-army veteran Pauline Parril, life marches along in orderly formation now that she is happily married, raising three children, and ascending a promising career ladder. But the handles of her safe and comfortable world soon turn upside down when a termination letter lands on her lap and her once-loving husband Donald grows suspiciously distant. Complications further arise when Pauline returns to school and meets Michael Fortune—the handsome and exciting poetry professor who threatens to get out of hand.

Pauline once endured a long deployment to a war-torn country halfway around the world, but can she survive the front lines of her fraying household? Find out how she does it in The Perils of Pauline, an uproarious tale à la Bridget Jones of an intrepid every-woman stepping through the challenges of rebuilding her life while learning that there’s actually more to discover about herself than she ever dreamed possible.

The Perils of Pauline by Collette Yvonne

Pauline is your typical upwardly mobile suburban housewife.  She seems to have the perfect life with a nice house, professional career and all the perks until one day she goes to what she assumes is just another meeting and ends up being laid off.  While cleaning the bedroom, she discovers a note to her husband from a woman he works with and starts to think he’s having an affair. With her father dying a few months before, she begins thinking her life is falling apart.

She decides she is going to go back to college and gets romantically involved with her poetry professor who is also having a tough time in his marriage. Everything in her life seems to start falling apart. Her 16 year old daughter tells her she’s a lesbian and her girlfriend moves in with them and brings her dog. Her two younger children are both having problems at school. The cat keeps pooping in the basement, the house catches fire, and she decides to buy a book store that has financial problems.

These are just a few things that happen to her in this romantic comedy. Despite all of this, she realizes that she is stronger than she thinks she is and manages to get through all of this and more. If you’re looking for a book that will make you smile despite what kind of day you’re having, The Perils of Pauline by Collette Yvonne is definitely it.

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