The Identical DVD & a Movie Date Night

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Marty and I don’t go out all that often on dates. We’ve settled into that happily married, stay at home type of lifestyle. For the most part, that works quite well for us. Every now and then, we get in the mood for a movie date night. He pops up a big bowl of popcorn and after the kids are in bed, we watch a movie.

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The Identical DVD & a Movie Date Night

The Identical DVD is a family story about the son of a preacher. His father wants him to join the ministry and follow in his footsteps.  He tries seminary school but realizes that he just doesn’t have the calling. Instead he feels drawn to music. He realizes that he looks and sounds just like a famous rock star and this realization leads to him discovering a family secret that his father doesn’t want him to know.

The Identical starts out in the 30s during the Great Depression and then follows his life up through the 60s and 70s. His style is very similar to Elvis’ music style but the story is all his own and is very touching. The Identical includes 7 bonus features including behind the scenes, deleted scenes and theatrical trailers. It is rated PG for some teenage themes and smoking but I it is approved by for ages 12 and up.

This movie was a great movie for Marty and I for our movie date night. I love the music from the 50s and 60s and the story itself really drew me in. The bonus content was very interesting as well and there are over 85 minutes of extras to watch. My husband was really impressed that big name stars like Seth Green and Ray Liotta were in the film as well.

Of course, there are lots of different things you can do for date night. Marty and I enjoy doing puzzles and have started the Ravensburger License to Life puzzle. It’s challenging enough to take us a while without being so difficult that we give up.

Do you enjoy having a movie date night? Or would you rather go out instead?



14 thoughts on “The Identical DVD & a Movie Date Night

  1. I was hoping you would review this movie when I saw it on your Instagram, as I had not heard of it. So excited it has 50s and 60s music, which I love. Pinning this one as a must see and if I have no date, will see all by myself (and enjoy it!)

  2. I have actually never seen this movie *yet*. I am thinking it would make a great movie for Sunday afternoon because I do enjoy Ashley Judd movies.

  3. I’ve been out of the loop that I haven’t heard of this movie. It looks like a good one for a date night with my hubby!

  4. Our date nights usually consists of watching a movie after the kids are in bed! the joys of a young family! I love Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd! I am going to have to check this out!

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