Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small Play Date

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Play Date with Miffy is now available on DVD! Have you seen the series Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small yet? Learn more here.

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Play Date with Miffy on DVDPlay Date with Miffy

There are so many fun DVDs out there for preschoolers to encourage the postiive behavior. Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small is an animated TV series that is based on a collection of books written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. I have never seen the books before, but the series is certainly adorable.

Join the curious young bunny Miffy as she learns all about the world around her, along with her best friends Melanie and Grunty. They embark on adventures and new experiences and have fun celebrating kindness, respect, and friendship. Jump in puddles, take a ballet lesson, play hide and seek, and much more in these eleven fun-filled playtime adventures!

The eleven stories included are:

  • Miffy and the Puddles
  • Miffy and the Tennis Match
  • Grunty the Ballerina
  • Miffy’s Go-Cart
  • Miffy Goes Bowling
  • Miff the Queen of the Castle
  • Miffy at the Library
  • Grunty, Where Are You?
  • Miffy’s New Bicycle
  • Dan and the Big Bad Wolf
  • Miffy and the Crocodile

My thoughts:

Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small is a series that helps encourage preschoolers to try new things. If you have a preschooler, you know that quite often their favorite word is no whether that’s learning to ride their new toy, go to bed or try a new food.

Miffy shares her new adventures and experiences with your preschooler and has fun celebrating new things. This can encourage your child to be open to new things as well.

This DVD has 77 minutes of programming which makes each episode about 7 minutes long. That’s about perfect for a preschooler who tends to be easily distracted. Buy it today.

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