Playmobil Earth Day Toys

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If you love Playmobil toys, check out these new Earth Day toys that have just been released. Your child will love these new play sets!

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Playmobil recycling toys

Playmobil Earth Day Toys

Children learn through play. So, what better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a new Playmobil toy they can learn with?

Play sets are an excellent way for children to role play and explore new concepts. They may never have the opportunity to live on a farm or explore space. However, a play set will let them pretend they can.

Encourage a love for Mother Earth with these new sets. Check out these sustainable toys.

a toy recycling truck from PLAYMOBIL

What age is Playmobil good for?

Playmobil makes toys for all ages and each Playmobil toy has the intended age printed right on the front of the box. Both Wiltopia and the Country Playset are intended for ages 4-10.

So, the Playmobil toys in this post are intended for ages 4 to 10. They have small parts that aren’t safe for younger kids.

However, if you want a Playmobil toy for toddlers, check out the Playmobil City Recycling Truck.

Playsets for two or three children

I love that these Playmobil toys can be used by more than one child at a time. Unlike a doll or a car, there are multiple figures and accessories to encourage play with friends.

Playmobil Earth Day Toys

Playmobil sets that are more sustainable

There are two beautiful Playmobil eco-friendly product lines complete with playsets that, on average, consist of more than 80% sustainable materials!


First, the Playmobil Wiltopia theme is all about sustainability and is set in the exotic Amazon rainforest. Kids can dive into this colorful play world that features playsets and over 2 dozen different animal sets – including a new set that just launched in time for Earth Day — the Wiltopia Tropical Jungle Playground.  

Wiltopia’s message is about growing up in a place where animals and nature are appreciated and protected. The sets provide important educational information about the diversity of our planet, animals, nature, geography, and sustainability via online apps and QR codes!

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The Tropical Jungle Playground is the center for all of the Wiltopia sets. Additionally, you can play with it independently or get a few of the other sets to use with it.

This is the perfect play set for Earth Day. The range of animals is amazing. Included are a sloth, monkeys, fish, lizards, frogs, birds, and a butterfly. This toy will complement a home learning unit on Earth Day very well. Plus there are several different characters to use with the trees, waterfall, and tree house.

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Playmobil Country Set

So, the new Playmobil Farm theme is highlighted by the Farmhouse with Outdoor Area! With a collection of plants, farm tools, and animals, there is plenty to do at the farmhouse. 

Living in the country, visiting a farm, and planting a garden are normal parts of our lives. And, kids can now pretend play their own country life experience.

There is a farmhouse, lean-to for a cow, green trees, garden supplies, hay, a wheelbarrow, and lots of farmhouse accessories. There’s even an adorable calf and kitten included. Characters include two adults and one child who work and live on the farm.

Another option would be these:

  • Spirit Riding Free
  • Adventures of Ayuma

Where can I buy Playmobil toys?

Finally, ask your favorite retailer for these new Earth Day toys or, you can find them both on Amazon. Then, check out this Earth Day coloring sheet.

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