Create Unique Playmobil Figures

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Have you ever wondered if you can create your own Playmobil figures? I’ve been collecting these figures for years and they are fun to combine differently.

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Have you ever wondered if you can create your own Playmobil figures? I've been collecting these figures for years and they are fun to combine differently.

Create Unique Playmobil Figures

Each of the Playmobil playsets typically comes with its own original character. In many cases, they have interchangeable parts so you can assemble different figures by combining them.

Playmobil recently introduced My Figures to make it even easier to create unique Playmobil figures.

What are Playmobil My Figures?

Each My Figures playset contains a small play scene, but more importantly, a bag filled with six figures in individual components — that’s Arms. Legs. Bodies. Heads.

My Figures are specially designed to assemble as either the ’standard’ character OR in any configuration a child can imagine. That means swapping heads, different arms, hair, and accessories, you get the idea!

Playmobil My Figures Sets

Kids can create totally unique figures to suit their own narrative. Then pop them apart and start all over again. The combined sets offer over 1000 figure configurations! It’s all about letting kids use their imagination in a whole new way.

Of course, with My Figures, you get more than just the Playmobil figures. Your child also gets a playset they can use as the backdrop for their imagination.

What ages are My Figures for?

Because there are small parts that are a choking hazard, these Playmobil figures and playsets are intended for children that are ages 5 to 10.

These figures are interchangeable so the heads, hands, and other small parts are not intended for small children.

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The Magical Dance Set

Playmobil Magical Dance is the perfect setting for a magical dance party. The playset includes a table, chairs, delicious party treats, decor, and a dance platform.

Plus, there are boy figures and girl figures. You can have endless fun when you mix heads and bodies to make unique Playmobil figures. Get it here.

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The Horse Ranch Set

Playmobil Horse Ranch is all about horses. The playset includes a paddock, grassy area, trees, fence, and outdoor themed decor like firewood, baskets of vegetables, horses, and other animals.

Playmobil figures include lumberjack, rider, and stablehand. Mix and match the individual parts to create your own stories.

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Pirates Island Set

Pirates Island has everything for a pirate adventure. The playset features a castle along with a boat and treasure chest. Of course, there are lots of extra details like a skull, rocks, and a cannon.

Playmobil figures include pirates and a damsel in distress. Do you prefer pirate girls? Change the heads and details to make these characters what you like. Find it here.

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Can I use these with other Playmobil figures?

Yes, absolutely. My Figures are a great way to create unique figures that fit into any Playmobil playset you already have. With more than 1000 combinations available, you can create the perfect character for any scene.

My Figures make it easy and fun to customize your own Playmobil world. From pirates to princesses, your child will enjoy creating their own unique Playmobil figures.

It’s time to get creative and have some magical fun with these amazing Playmobil toys! Why settle for twelve different girl figures when you can have thousands?

Try it out for yourself and see how much fun you can have. Enjoy creating your own characters today!

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