Pop Shop America Review DIY Kawaii Jewelry Kit

Last Updated on October 25, 2023 by ellen

Have you heard of Pop Shop America? Pop Shop America is a subscription box for anyone that loves modern and stylish DIY projects. 

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Pop Shop America

I signed up to receive the monthly DIY kit because I enjoy making a variety of different crafts. I love that each subscription box comes with exactly what I need for the project.

So, I don’t have to worry about having extra craft stuff accumulating that I’ll never use. Each Pop Shop America box comes with exactly what I need. Here are a few photos from the box that I received.

This month, I received all sorts of fun kawaii (cute) things! including a DIY Kawai Jewelry Kit, Japanese Stationary Set, gel pen, and free printables.

The value of the box this month is $42. You can check out what this subscription box has to see which box is best for you.

I love to craft but I am not what you’d call an expert crafter. And, I prefer simple DIY projects I can finish in an hour or two. I tend to have a fairly short attention span so I like trying new things rather than sticking with just one craft.

This kit was absolutely perfect for me. I love the kawaii stationary supplies. I write tons of notes for my arbitrage business, and I love having the cute paper to use.

I’m also a huge fan of anything kawaii from Sailor Moon to Hello Kitty so the kawaii jewelry was loads of fun to make. it came with everything I needed and there is a YouTube video to watch for inspiration. Although the craft was easy enough that I could figure it out on my own.

This month, the craft was really easy enough for a child or an adult to do as long as they were supervised with the glue. Kawaii is so popular with tweens that this would make a wonderful gift or mommy and me project.

This was loads of fun to do, and I really feel like it’s worth the price you pay. I got enough supplies to make several pairs of earrings, barrettes, bobby pins, a pin, key chain, ring, etc. I cannot wait to see what I get next month!


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