Professor Murphy’s Metal Puzzles

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Professor Murphy’s Metal Puzzles With Over 30 Brain-Busting TeasersOur family loves board games and puzzles. It’s a fun thing to do when the kids are bored but don’t want to get up and play. When we received Professor Murphy’s Metal Puzzles With Over 30 Brain-Busting Teasers, everyone was anxious to try it out.

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Professor Murphy’s Metal Puzzles

This is metal puzzle kit features six sets of metal puzzles plus a puzzle book with over 30 different puzzles to try. This is part of Professor Murphy’s Emporium of Entertainment and is a fun way to test and improve your logic and mathematical ability and lateral thinking.

We tried out some of the puzzles and I will say, these really made you have to think! It was nice to see my youngest and her older brother working together to figure out the solution to the puzzles. I know that we will definitely be bringing this out for the holidays when everyone comes over. I really love to see the kids off their phones and playing like we did when we were little.

This puzzle kit would make a great gift for any child (older than 6 years old) who loves puzzles, or just to get them off of their electronics. I even know some adults that this would be a great gift for as well-especially, retired people that need to keep their brains going with challenges.

Also included in Professor Murphy’s Emporium of Entertainment are Professor Murphy’s Magic Show, Professor Murphy’s Optical Illusions and Professor Murphy’s Juggling Balls.

It was nice to see that this puzzle kit collection included some favorite classics, and even brand new brain-teasers. If you enjoy doing puzzles, this kit would definitely be the perfect addition to your family’s entertainment collection.

9 thoughts on “Professor Murphy’s Metal Puzzles

  1. These look fun and challenging but sometimes I just don’t have the patience! 🙂 My husband is really good at them though.

  2. Smaller versions of these types of puzzles were always stocking stuffers in my family. I especially loved them because my hands are fidgety. Now I have nieces who love working through a fun challenge. This set looks great! 🙂

  3. I have never seen a puzzle like this. It sure is different. I would love to have one to encourage my grandsons to think-lol.

  4. this would be so much fun for my family. We love puzzles of all kinds and this is something totally different than we have tried before.

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