Read a Screenplay Online: Set Them Free by Matthew Duriez

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Have you ever wondered if you can read a screenplay online? My daughter was a theater-arts major in college, so I read a lot of her screenplays. I had no idea that there were screenplays I could read online for fun. I just finished reading Set Them Free by Matthew Duriez and wanted to share my thoughts with you. Thank you to the sponsor for partnering with me for this post.

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Read a Screenplay Online: Set Them Free by Matthew DuriezSet Them Free by Matthew Duriez

In 1970’s San Francisco, it is easy for Amelia Mooney to be a lonely soul. She works hard day and night for the District Attorney’s Office, desperate to gain recognition. She is promiscuous, but only to feel the comfort of another person’s warmth. And to top it all, her last remaining family; sister Gillian has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

So when members of Jim Jones’ infamous Religious Sect, “Peoples Temple” come to her with allegations of political corruption and abuse, she seizes the opportunity to prove herself. But there is something personal about this case, something that will drive her to take risks, to find answers and to attempt to bring down an influential and powerful man.

Amelia is on a journey that will take her into the very depths of herself and the very depths of humanity.

My thoughts:

Amelia works for the DA’s office during a time when it’s not common for women to rise to the top of their professions. She gets a lead on a case involving political corruption, and she sees it as a way to make herself stand out. The case involves the Jim Jones’ religious sect, and since her sister disappeared in a way that involves this cult, she’s determined to take any risk necessary to find out the real truth.

This is the first time that I’ve read a screenplay online for fun. I loved the experience. The screenplay had all the fun of reading a book, but it gave me the opportunity to visualize the story more in my mind. I enjoyed this story and recommend that you buy it now to read for yourself.

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  2. I’d love to hear comments about the script from anyone who does read it. It would all help me in how I craft the subsequent episodes. If you have any comments then please mention it on here and I’ll give you my personal email address. Or contact me at the address on the scripts cover-page. Many thanks!!

    • There is a link in the article or if you go to you’ll find it there.

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