Rose MARIE by Gary I. Coleman

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As the weather gets cooler, I start to read more often and this weekend was no exception. With the cold damp weather, I was definitely in the mood for something dark and Rose Marie by Gary I. Coleman was the perfect choice for a weekend read. Thank you to the author for sponsoring this post and Rose Marie by Gary I. Colemanproviding a copy for review.

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Rose MARIE by Gary I. Coleman

This Christian Horror, Fantasy book will teach you spiritual warfare of the likes that you have never seen. Through the innocence of Rose Marie and her adventure you will learn to use the tools of your warfare to defeat the devil.

Rose Marie is a dark poetic parable which will take you on a journey on how to escape the snares of the devil. By using the weapons of Praise, Prayer, Fasting, Forgiveness etc. you will come out the winner instead of the loser!

The novel tale of Flowers, and Animals will teach you how have satan fleeing from you instead of you fleeing from him. Rose Marie may not be “Pilgrim’s Progress”, but you will “progress” in the Lord never the less. Enjoy Rose Marie… This Is A Tale For The Adventure In All of Us!

My thoughts:

Rose MARIE is a dark poem that begins as a poem the author wrote to a friend. MARIE is a rose who is very innocent and pure. She compares herself to all of the other flowers in the garden and finds herself lacking. The sun and the moon and the honey bees try to help her understand how important she is to them. When the Queen Bee demands more of MARIE’s honey because it is the best, the other flowers become jealous of her and want to kill her and Rose MARIE turns to God to save her. Through the story, she needs to learn to trust God’s words if she is going to survive the jealousy of the other flowers in the garden to learn how very special she is.

I love the story that the author wove using Rose MARIE and the flowers in the garden because her struggles are often the same struggles that we go through. It’s only by trusting God that we can make it through the jealousy and negative thoughts that we often have to deal with in our lives. If you’re looking for a poem that really makes you think, I think you’ll love Rose MARIE.

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