Satisfaction Season Finale on 9/18 on USA

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Marty and I got to check out a fun series last night and I have a lot of catching up to do now! Have you been watching Satisfaction on Thursday nights at 10pm on the USA Network? I love it when Marty and I find a program that we both enjoy. It’s a great way to bond after the kids are in bed.

Satisfaction Season Finale on 9/18 on USA


Satisfaction Season Finale on 9/18 on USA

If you haven’t been watching this super fun series, let me give you a quick recap. Neil Truman (Matt Passmore) and his wife, Grace (Stephanie Szostak), have been married for 18 years. They seemingly have everything they could possibly want…. successful jobs, gorgeous house, amazing car, child in private school. It’s the perfect life, right? It’s the American dream.

Satisfaction Season Finale on 9/18 on USA

Not really though because Neil hates his job and he hates his boss and his wife is cheating on him. He’s not happy. His wife isn’t happy. The satisfaction in their relationship is gone. His wife isn’t just cheating on him though. She’s cheating on him with an escort, that she pays. Now, I know if my husband found out I was paying an escort to have sex with me, he’d be less than happy.  Neil, doesn’t confront Grace about her affair with the escort though, instead he steals the escort’s cell phone and proceeds to become an escort himself and steal away several of the guy’s clients. He actually finds out that he enjoys being an escort. During this whole process, a madame (is that the right word?) actually offers him a job with her escort service because she is so impressed.

Satisfaction Season Finale on 9/18 on USA

What this movie encourages you to do is ask yourself if you would risk it all to find satisfaction when having it all is not enough.  Satisfaction takes a look at their unconventional choices. This series is amazing and I am working my way through the episodes right now so that I can watch the season finale on September 18th (Thursday) at 10pm EST / 9pm CT on USA Network. You can get caught up on the series at, Hulu, iTunes and via On-Demand.

Make sure you tune in. You won’t want to miss this one!

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  1. I can’t wait to tune into the finale (though I will be on Hulu), this is a great show! USA has some great shows!

  2. I’ll totally have to get caught up on this series. I can’t believe I have missed this one. It sounds pretty good.

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