How to Use Your #SNAPSTAR Fashion Doll

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Have you heard about the new #SNAPSTAR Fashion Doll? There are six #SNAPSTAR Dolls that make up the Snapstar Squad. Each has its own colorful personality and fashion style. And, you can use them with the #SNAPSTAR Studio App to customize the background, hair, makeup, and accessories.

#SNAPSTAR Fashion Doll

I’ll admit I have a thing for fashion dolls even though my daughter has long since outgrown toys. Fashion dolls are a fantastic way to encourage your child to experiment with style and find their own unique look. Check out the video at the end.

Lola, Aspen, Dawn, Yuki, Echo and Izzy each have a distinct personality and style. But here’s what makes this squad completely unique: #SNAPSTAR dolls are fully articulated and possible beyond almost any other fashion doll on the market. Then use the unique #SNAPSTAR stand and green screen for literally countless poses and pics, without seeing the stand! Tweens can turn their doll into a social media star as they pose, snap and share photos using #SNAPSTAR.

Snap, Style, and Share With the New #SNAPSTAR Fashion Doll

Customize the dolls with dozens of customizable styling options for hair, makeup, accessories and more with the free #SNAPSTAR Studio app. This unrivaled ability to pose and interact with the dolls and the seamless meshing of the physical and digital worlds of play is what’s going to make #SNAPSTAR the most talked-about toy launch of the year.


My thoughts

I love the idea of being able to merge using a fashion doll with creating your own fashion looks with the #SNAPSTAR Studio App. When you buy the fashion doll, it comes with a green wall which is what you’ll need to style your doll against. Then, you’ll want to download the free #SNAPSTAR Studio App which you’ll use to customize your photo.

Snap, Style, and Share With the New #SNAPSTAR Fashion Doll

When you take your photo of your #SNAPSTAR Fashion Doll, you’ll want to remove the wig that she comes with. That way you can add whatever hair you like using the app. You can also purchase extra fashion packs so you can change her outfits.

Snap, Style, and Share With the New #SNAPSTAR Fashion Doll

You set up the green background and then pose your fashion doll the way you want on the backdrop. After that, you upload it into the app and add whatever customization you like using the app. You can add glasses, hair, words, change her lip color, change her eyes, etc. Then use the share buttons to share your creation to social media. Check out the video for a step by step.

Snap, Style, and Share With the New #SNAPSTAR Fashion Doll

It’s super easy and loads of fun. Make sure you use the #SNAPSTAR hashtag and follow it to check out the other creations.

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