Barbie Sparkle Blast Game and Barbie Life

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Have you played the Barbie Sparkle Blast Game yet? The school year is almost over and the kids will be wandering around telling you how bored they are any minute now.

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Barbie Sparkle Blast Game and Barbie Life

Barbie Sparkle Blast Game

Thankfully, there are a few fun ways to entertain them from Barbie. I’m sharing this information with you because I’ve had a blast playing this game.

Just launched this year, Barbie Sparkle Blast Game is a match-3 game where players blast gems and strategize to solve challenging puzzles while earning rewards that allow you to collect outfits to dress up

Barbie as she cheers along. What’s special about Barbie Sparkle Blast is that it’s a captivating game for people of ALL ages, parents, and kids alike!

The Barbie Sparkle Blast app is now available on iOS and Android.

Barbie Sparkle Blast Game and Barbie Life

Barbie Life

The Barbie Life app is a hub for all things Barbie, featuring games like Video Game Hero and Barbie Spy Squad Academy, a photo booth filled with colorful filters, and puzzles.

Time to wind down? Barbie Life also features a wide array of video adventures – join Barbie in a Dreamtopia adventure and watch what happens when Barbie magically enters her favorite video game.

Barbie Life is available on iOS and Android or via

If your child is a Barbie fan, you’ll want to check out these fun options as boredom busters this summer. I enjoyed playing this Barbie game even as an adult. I know your kids will love looking through the Barbie movie section too.

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77 thoughts on “Barbie Sparkle Blast Game and Barbie Life

  1. I learned that Barbie is very encouraging to all girl’s. I love the “you can be” professions on the site. Very inspiring!

  2. I love the “you can be” theme throughout! This is what girls and boys all need to hear. There is no limit to what you want to become – you just have to want it and then you can work for it!

  3. I learned there are lots of Barbie apps you can download and play — Like Barbie Superstar and Barbie Sparkle Blast.

  4. I love the “you can be”, what a great way to encourage young girls. When I clicked on the page the firefighter popped up and that really caught my attention.

  5. I’m loving the video game hero light up dolls. My daughter will be asking for one of those soon enough.

  6. I enjoyed learning about the new things Barbie has coming out, like the Dreamtopia line. This prepares me for what I will have to purchase, as my daughter will be begging for it all soon!

  7. Barbie has tons of games for my daughter that are downloadable on google play and in the app store . Tons of different games for all ages

  8. I like how Barbie is much more than about looks and how girls can have any profession

  9. I learned that they let us download the games from either App store or Google play. I love them all!
    Thank You for the chance!

  10. I love how inspiring Barbie is .i learned she has apps ,which we are going to try out

  11. I love the inspiration to be whatever a young girl dreams of. A pilot, a doctor whatever they want

  12. I learned a few things, first that there a lot more apps than I knew featuring Barbie. I also learned there is a Barbie Spy Academy line, and a little about Barbie Dreamtopia line.

  13. I learned they have tons of Barbie apps and the I can be Barbie collection is huge.

  14. I learned that they have lots of great downloadables, including books! My daughters will definitely use this site!

  15. I didn’t know they had a youtube special!! My kids watch youtube more than they do actual tv!

  16. I learned that there are a lot of Barbie games my daughtet will love to play. I’m glad I found this.

  17. I learned you could go on a treasure hunt! thats so fun. i love all they games they have

  18. I learned there are so many Barbie resources kids can find on that page. There are ebooks, digital video downloads, printables, and so much more.

  19. I didn’t know YouTube had a channel for kids let alone a new show featuring BARBIE!

  20. I learned there are a lot of videos. Our Samantha is just now starting to like Barbie.

  21. i learned that Barbie has apps for all ages of girls. Personally, I like the Best Job Ever one.

  22. I had no idea that there were so many cute games and apps that you can download from the site!

  23. I learned that Barbie has promotion for girls to be whatever they want to be – whether it’s a doctor, artist, dancer, etc. It’s nice to see how Barbie is for girls doing what they want. -Emily Ann

  24. The new You Can Be is so awesome for young girls. I have always loved Barbie and what she represents.

  25. I learned there are several apps to downoad to play games. I also learned you can do a Wish List so friends and relatives know exactly what your child wants.

  26. I learned that they have a group of You Can Be barbies. I think this is great! Thanks!

  27. I learned that they have a You Can Be collection which features different inspirational occupations. Super neat!

  28. I learned that they have a nice variety of You Can Be Anything Barbies. Barbie even has a Firefighter Barbie.

  29. I learned that my daughter can play lots of games on the website! Thanks for the chance!

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