The Snow Queen Illustrated by Charlotte Cooke

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever read about Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen when I was little. I guess I’ve been hiding under a rock because it didn’t occur to me that Frozen was based off this story. This version is way different than Disney’s Frozen for sure, but I can see how they got the idea. his The Snow Queen Illustrated by Charlotte Cookepost. 

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The Snow Queen Illustrated by Charlotte Cooke

The Snow Queen (from the story by Hans Christian Andersen) is a classic story of friendship and determination. This book is illustrated by Charlotte Cooke, and this beautiful picture book will bring you to the Snow Queen’s realm as Gerda searches for her lost friend, Kay.

These two have the closest of friendships, which is broken by a cold-hearted Snow Queen. A spell has been put on Kay and he is given an impossible task. Gerda goes on a dangerous journey to try to find him.

I think the story was very beautiful and caring. The story starts with an evil mirror breaking and spreading throughout the village and Kay ends up getting the mirror stuck in him turning him grumpy and see only ugly things and made him forget all his friends. When the Snow Queen arrives to the town and Kay sneaks off with her. That begins Gerda’s journey to find him.


This book is for older, independent readers or as a read aloud. I read it to the grand kids who are 4 and older and they did like the illustrations and sat for the whole story. I think it would be perfect for ages 7 and above though.

This edition is beautifully illustrated, and they keep the kids entertained throughout the story. The book is an over-sized book length, and I feel something beautiful to own, or to give as a gift to someone around the holidays.

Buy it today!

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