Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia DVD

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Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia DVDWhen the grandchildren are over, my granddaughter loves to watch Sofia the First on Disney Junior. I’ll admit, I love to watch Disney episodes with the kids. It’s nice to just cuddle on the couch and eat breakfast and watch along with them.

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Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia DVD

When we got the Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia DVD, I knew the little ones would love it and with the snow still hanging on, it’s nice to watch a snow themed movie. I knew that Avrie was coming over for the weekend, so I decided to wait for her. When she saw the DVD, she squealed and wanted to watch it right away.

The DVD contains five episodes:

  1. Holiday in Enchancia – King Roland can’t get home in time for the Wassailia holidays. Princess Aurora makes an appearance-Avrie’s favorite!
  2. Baileywick’s Day Off – Baileywick’s brother Nigel is in town to celebrate Baileywick’s Birthday.
  3. The Little Witch – A lonely young witch named Lucinda is hexing the village children.
  4. The Baker King – King Roland makes a wish for a simple life as a village baker.
  5. Four’s A Crowd – Sofia is jealous of Jade and Ruby’s friendship with Amber.

Sofia’s kingdom doesn’t actually celebrate Christmas but instead, a fictional holiday called Wassiailia. It’s the heaviest snow of winter meaning that it’s Wassiailia Day. The episode bring me back to my memories as a child as Sofia awakes in her bedroom and looks out her window to see it snowing. Sofia is excited about this as it’s first Wassiailia Day in the castle with her new family.

All is wonderful until King Roland sneaks off to buy more gifts and gets stuck in the snowstorm. Will he get back in time to celebrate the holiday with them?

The family decides to go look for the King when more problems arise when Sofia realizes that all the other horses (besides her horse Minimus) in the stable have come down with an unknown sickness. Princess Aurora steps in to help Sofia to help find her dad.

My grandkids really enjoyed the movie – we were not disappointed!

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