Squishy Food Toys and Sticky Poo for Kids

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Check out these cute squishy food toys and sticky poo! You may have noticed that I’m a huge fan of anything kawaii. Kawaii is Japenese for cute and that includes things like anime, manga, and Maneki Neki cats.

Squishy Food Toys and Sticky Poo for Kids

Squishy Food Toys and Sticky Poo

Basically, if it’s cute, adorable, squishy or miniature, chances are I have one or two of them on my desk. Now, if you or the kids share my passion for squishy food toys and all things kawaii, keep reading for some popular ideas for Christmas this year.

Squishy Food Toys and Sticky Poo for Kids

Smooshy Mushy

During the day, the town of Smooshyville is a lot like other towns, there are people, cars, hustle, and bustle — everything you’d expect in a town like yours. When the town goes to sleep, however, the Pets from the local animal shelter sneak out with mischief on their minds. No one knows how or when it started, but these adorable little tricksters have been finding trouble for a while now (of course, sometimes trouble finds them.) Just a few fun toys in the Smooshy Mushy collection are:

These are the absolute cutest things ever.  I cannot decide whether the Bento Box Collection or the Frozen Delights are my favorite. Either way, if you have a child that loves squishy food toys, they need these.

Of course, all is not cute and adorable when it comes to squishy toys. From the makers of Smooshy Mushy comes Smashy Mashy, the line of super soft, slow-rising, nacho cheese scented squishy creatures! What surprises will you find inside? You can find Smashy Mash at your local Walmart. It’s got disappearing ooze! Check out the video above.

Squishy Food Toys and Sticky Poo for Kids

Want something a little bit different? Why not get some Sticky Poo! Embrace your inner monkey and fling some poo at the wall (no, not THAT kind…)! Sticky The Poo is a tacky, moldable “stress ball” styled like a poop emoji, and splats and sticks to most flat surfaces when you throw it. Great for relieving tension at the office and pranking friends. This is sure to be a hit with boys that are obsessed with body fluids/odors.

Make sure that you add these squishy food toys and Sticky Poo to your holiday gift giving list this year!

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