Teach Kids Mechanics with Modarri Design and Drive

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I love toys that teach and it’s even better when they teach without the kids knowing. Things like mechanics and STEM can be difficult to teach to children. So, if you want to teach kids mechanics or more about things like building and design, Modari Design and Drive is a great option.

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Teach Kids Mechanics with Modarri Design and Drive

Teach Kids Mechanics with Modarri

The toy race track, made of soft durable foam, is the perfect foundation for an afternoon of open-ended play involving a bit of science, engineering, and art!

Curved tracks, orange racing cones, and interchangeable car parts are just a sampling of this build-it-yourself kit. Once the track is complete, maneuver those award-winning Modarri race cars across the finish line. Zoom, zoom!

Teach Kids Mechanics with Modarri Design and Drive

Modarri’s Delux track is comprised of 20 pieces of EVA foam – the soft, yet firm material found on children’s playroom floors. The whole set includes:

  • 20 pieces of quality EVA foam track (12 pieces of curved foam track, 4 pieces of straight foam track and 4 pieces of Y-shaped foam track.)
  • 11 pieces of racing accessories (4 soft orange racing cones, 4 hard interlocking racing barriers [2 orange, 2 white]) plus 3 soft racing tire stacks! Wow!
  • 13 interchangeable Modarri car parts (4 wheels, 2 suspensions. 1 chassis, 1 seat, 2 fenders, 2 hoods, 1 metal frame and finally, a swivel-tipped hex screwdriver!)

Teach Kids Mechanics with Modarri Design and Drive

The cars are sleek with working suspensions (real springs and linkages in the independent front and rear suspensions), and responsive finger steering. Each car has a metal frame, hood, fenders, soft seat cushion, chassis, 2-piece steering system with metal-spring “feel the road†suspension, 4 super-grip tires with designer rims, plus all screws needed for connecting parts (and they are built into the parts, so they don’t fall out!).

Teach Kids Mechanics with Modarri Design and Drive

Kids can experience the real mechanics first hand. They build durable and interchangeable cars that can be easily taken apart to be reconfigured in their own way.

The swivel-tipped hex tool included in the car kits allows for customization for thousands of unique combinations, developing imagination all the while kids are having fun. Isn’t that what childhood is all about?

Teach Kids Mechanics with Modarri Design and Drive

My thoughts:

If you have a child that loves cars but wants more options than what’s available with a traditional racetrack, Modarri is the answer. Not only can they use the foam track in any number of different configurations, but they can design the car as well.

And, it can be used with other Modarri cars, tracks, and accessories for an almost endless number of options. That means that as your child grows up, they can make the track system more complex if they want to.

It’s a great option for younger children as well. I particularly love that the screws really work but do NOT come out of the car to prevent loss. And, the cars have a lifetime warranty! If a part breaks, they will replace it. And, the foam track is perfect for smaller hands. Find it on Amazon.

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