Suffer Asylum by Jack Carl Stanley

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Suffer Asylum by Jack Carl Stanley is a ghost story that takes place in an asylum deep in a dark forest. Find out if they escape before it’s too late.

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Suffer Asylum by Jack Carl StanleySuffer Asylum by Jack Carl Stanley

I love a good spooky story and since Halloween is getting closer, I’m even more in the mood to read something scary.

I had some time this past weekend to read a new book by an author I wasn’t familiar with. So, I wanted to share my thoughts with you so you could put it on your must-read list (trust me, you MUST read it). 

Do you believe in ghosts? A woman and her two children are missing. The police search but have no idea as to the family’s whereabouts.

The investigation leads into a dark forest. The likelihood of locating the missing persons alive lessens with each passing moment.

Unbeknownst to the search party, the family is trapped inside… Leiden Asylum! Will they escape to regain their freedom or be locked forever inside this living hell?

My thoughts:

Brett and Elda’s mother, Karen,  is a drug addict and she’s on the run with the kids. Her ex-husband has finally gained custody and she’s trying to escape before the police show up to remove the kids (and her child support payment).

Brett would love to live with his father, but he’s afraid of his mother and wants to protect his sister. They escape from the basement window and into the forest seconds before the police arrive.

Karen’s only thought is to hide and her addicted mind isn’t thinking rationally. When she comes across an old mansion in the forest that she’s never seen before, she enters it eagerly, convinced she can hide there.

Unfortunately, the residents and staff at Leiden Asylum aren’t what she thinks, and she’s just put herself and her children in more harm than she realizes.

I enjoyed Suffer Asylum and managed to devour it in about two hours. While I knew something was a bit off about the asylum in the woods, I couldn’t figure it out exactly until the end.

The author drew me in with his description and the interaction between the characters and gave just enough information to get you hooked. If you love a good ghost story, Suffer Asylum by Jack Carl Stanley is one you need to read. Buy it today!

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