Summer Activity Books for Kids

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These summer activity books for kids will encourage them to get creative. If summer brings choruses of “I’m bored.” and “There’s nothing to do.” you’ll want to be sure to have these books on hand. 

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Summer Activity Books for Kids to Encourage Creativity

Summer Activity Books for Kids

Summer is all about the beach, playing outside, learning about nature and having fun. So, it only stands to reason that their summer activity books should follow that theme. This summer, your kids can go on countless adventures without ever leaving home. They’ll sail the seas of Polynesia with Moana or journey deep under the sea with some awesome sticker pals.

Let their creativity take flight as they doodle and draw with the Stuart Little, Learn Big collection. These awesome books are perfect for those quickly approaching days of summer vacation. Bring them on a trip or read them at home. It’ll be hours of fun for everyone.

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Disney Moana Choose Your Destiny

Meet Moana and her friends, and join them for some amazing ocean adventures. Design a new necklace for Moana, help Maui find his magical fishhook, color in Pua and Heihei, plus much, much more! Find it on Amazon.

Disney Moana Born to Voyage

Set sail with Moana in this oceanic activity book. Find the heart of Te Fiti, count the seashells, spot the matching Maui, and much, much more. Also, includes 6 press-out character pencil toppers. Low price on Amazon.

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4000 Stickers Under the Sea

Over 50 bright and bubbly activities. Dive into an underwater adventure! Play with dolphins, explore a shipwreck, become a scuba diver, and much more. There are games to play, puzzles to solve, pictures to decorate – and 4000 amazing stickers! Great deal on Amazon.

Doodle and Draw Spots, Stripes, and Squiggles

Copy, complete, and color patterns on stars, birds, boats, and much more! Learn as you go with simple concepts like counting and matching. Check it out on Amazon.

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  1. Oh my goodness, there are so many great summer activity books here to keep kids occupied all summer long. I remember we used to get kicked out of the house & told to go play when we were kids…of course, we grew up in Daytona Beach & the beach was only two blocks away… Definitely going to check these books out, my grandniece is out for the summer & I can hear her now… I’m bored… Thanks for the ideas!

  2. These are great activity books. I will have to get some of these for my grandchildren when they come to visit. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great ideas! Im already hearing “Im bored” I think a trip to the local bookstore is in order.

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