The Cat in the Hat Camping DVD for Kids

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Have you been looking for a camping DVD for kids to get them excited about your upcoming camping trip? Kids can be resistant to change at times. They don’t always get excited about the things we want them to. They may be unsure of if they’ll have fun. Or, they may just have the type of personality that doesn’t enjoy changes.  

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The Cat in the Hat Camping DVD for Kids

Camping DVD for Kids

“It’s the first day of Summer Vacation and The Cat in the Hat whisks Nick, Sally, and Fish off on the greatest great outdoor camping adventure ever! Our gang gets back to nature as they hike through the Fickle Fern Forest, camp out overnight, trek over Mt. Weewobble and canoe down the Tickle Drop River. It’s just in time for Fish to meet up with his family for a grand reunion.

Along for the ride are Little Cats A, B and C, who discover there’s wonder in nature once their electronic devices are powered off!

The Cat in the Hat Camping DVD for Kids

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Nick and Sally help keep the Little Cats out of trouble, while Fish tries to keep his jacket pressed and the mud out of his fancy fishbowl. All the while, they get up close to some of nature’s most awesome sights, and learn how best to respect them.

After being lulled to sleep under the stars by a chorus of animals, the morning brings fresh adventure with a spectacular race up Mt. Weewobble. It’s complete with a cliffhanger ending! It’s a slippery ride down the slope and into the Tickle Drop River. And, a harrowing raft ride finally delivers them to the shores of Fish’s family reunion.

The Cat in the Hat and his loveable Little Cat cousins, Nick, Sally, Fish and all his family, gather together in a great Suessian-style musical finale… in which Fish and the gang are celebrated as true adventurers. Everyone agrees it really has been the Greatest Great Outdoors Adventure ever!”

My thoughts:

If you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss (like me), you have got to add this DVD to your collection. I love all of the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About” DVDs and this one is no exception. Plus, the DVD features Martin Short as the voice of the Cat in the Hat which makes it even more fun.

This DVD runs for 60 minutes. It’s the perfect amount of time to keep your child’s attention without them getting fidgety. Your kids will definitely be able to relate to the fun characters in this movie. They include Cat A, B, and C who are too busy with their electronic gadgets to have any fun.

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60 thoughts on “The Cat in the Hat Camping DVD for Kids

  1. I have been REALLy succesful with my backyard camping trips for my nieces and nephews when they were younger. Now that they are teenagers, it’s not something they are remotely interested in, 🙂 Thankfully, I have 2 more nephews and a niece, (ages 6, 4, and 3), and this camping DVD would be perfect for them.

  2. I would like to win because my family loves Cat in the Hat. They would really enjoy watching this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I would like to win this for my granddaughter – she loves to camp and would really enjoy it.

  4. My boys love The Cat in the Hat. I would like to win this dvd for them.

  5. We have been wanting to go camping for the longest time. My son, 5, has never been and this would be a great way to introduce him to camping.

  6. my daughter loves cat in the hat! This would be a fun way to introduce camping to her!

  7. I would love to win this for my child. We are big fans of Dr. Seuss and the cat in the hat book.

  8. My kids just a pretend camping set for their birthdays. They would love this book

  9. i would like to win because we are going to camp a lot this summer and none of my kids have ever been so this would be fun for them to watch and see about camping.

  10. I’m going to start camping with my 3yo this year and I the video would familiarize her with the idea (as well as entertain her on the way down to the lake :-))

  11. i would love to win this for my granddaughter. She loves Dr. Seuss books so this would be great for her.

  12. I want to win to be able to donate this to a needy public library for the kid’s dvd section.

  13. I would love to win this for my nieces because they love the Cat in the Hat, and this is something I know they’ll want to watch together

  14. We are trying to get our 6 year old daughter excited about camping for this summer. This would be awesome!

  15. I love Cat in the Hat and now my son does too. Books, movies and apps. We would love to take him camping this year for the first time and this DVD would be a fun way to introduce the topic to him.

  16. My son loves cat in the hat and I hope to take him camping this summer this may get him excited about it.

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