Summer Reading List for Tweens

I eagerly awaited summer vacation as a child because it meant that I could spend the day reading my favorite books. Yes, I was definitely a bookworm as a child and that really hasn’t changed much now that I am an adult. Reading is still one of my favorite pastimes and if I had more hours in my day, I would definitely spend more time reading.

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Summer reading list for tweens

Summer Reading List for Tweens

Yes, there are a lot of new books that have been released since I was a tween but both of my children have always enjoyed what I consider the classics from my youth. In many cases, the writing is more wholesome and the topics more appropriate than some books marketed towards tweens today.  These books were on my summer reading list for tweens when my kids were younger and still work well today. This post contains affiliate links.

Many of the books on this summer reading list for tweens can be purchased in Kindle version if your child likes to read books electronically. Or, you can purchase the paperback or hardcover if you prefer. If your tween is younger, editions are available with illustrations in “starter” style instead of the full unabridged edition of some of the classics.

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