The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung

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The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung is a book that your child will enjoy and one they can treasure for years to come. I always tried to encourage my kids to read their Bibles when they were little. Even though they had Bibles intended for younger children, it was sometimes difficult for them to understand what the story was about and how it applied to their life. The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung is the answer. 

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The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung

Once upon a time there lived a man and a woman. They were the happiest people on the planet. True, they were the only people on the planet, but they were still terrifically happy. Unfortunately, things didn’t stay happy and wonderful for long . . .

The Bible is full of exciting stories that fill children with awe and wonder. But kids need to know how all those classic stories connect to Scripture’s overarching message about God’s glorious plan to redeem his rebellious people.

In The Biggest Story, Kevin DeYoung—a best-selling author and father of six—leads kids and parents alike on an exciting journey through the Bible, connecting the dots from the garden of Eden to Christ’s death on the cross to the new heaven and new earth.

With powerful illustrations by award-winning artist Don Clark, this imaginative retelling of the Bible’s core message—how the Snake Crusher brings us back to the garden—will draw children into the biblical story, teaching them that God’s promises are even bigger and better than we think.

The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung is a gorgeous hardcover book that filled with beautiful illustrations that will bring the stories of the Bible alive for your child. The author has taken the words of the Bible and put them into language that children can understand whether you are reading to your child, or they are reading the story themselves.

I love the way these stories are written. The author has included the classic Bible stories including Adam and Even, Noah and the Ark, the Tower of Babble and many more. The Tower of Babble is one of my favorite Bible stories, so I’m thrilled that the author included it.

The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung is a book that your child will enjoy and one they can treasure for years to come.

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16 thoughts on “The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung

  1. I learned that the author has 6 kids himself! I love that he is connecting the dots through all of the stories. The Bible can be tough to understand for little ones so I would love to read this to my son.

  2. i think it’s pretty cool there are folks out there who are helping to connect the dots for kids with stories and scripture. my kids love to read- anything- and will happily read the bible but are often left puzzled by the verbiage used.

  3. What a great way to simplify a complex story. I learned that the author, Kevin DeYoung, is senior pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan.

  4. I learned they recommend this as young as 5, to be read to, and as young as 8 to read on their own. I know ages vary though, but what a great help in understanding the Bible.

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