The Fishing Camp Game

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Passing a love of fishing on to your kids can be difficult to do when casting all day and waiting for a bite seems like one of the most boring activities in the world for their high energy. A new game is making it easier by adding an element of competition.

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The Fishing Camp Game

The Fishing Camp Game

The Fishing Camp game is a trivia board game that teaches new fishermen about, and challenges seasoned veterans knowledge of, the sport as they race around the game board. Fishing Camp is designed to grow with the player. Starting at level one the questions are primarily identification of fish and fishing tackle. As the players increase in their knowledge about fishing, they grow into the higher-level questions.

Fishing Camp is an educational trivia-based board game for the whole family made by Education Outdoors. The game has challenging trivia questions for novices and experts alike.

When we played the game, there were players ages 3 to 45. The instructions were easy to understand and to explain to a child. Everyone seemed to enjoy the game and nobody looked bored.

The kids had fun answering the questions and catching the fish when they answered the question correctly. I think we all learned a lot about fishing and boating while playing the game! My youngest plans on going fishing this summer, so that should help her know a bit more about fish.

The Fishing Camp Game

I would recommend this game to both boys and girls and something the whole family could be a part of. The Fishing Camp is intended for players that are ages 4 and up. It can be played by 2 to 6 players at a time.

Education Outdoors has committed to donating a percentage of profits to organizations that are geared toward educating children and families about the great outdoors.

14 thoughts on “The Fishing Camp Game

  1. This looks like a fun game to play with the family. I love trivia and it’s great that even the young ones can get involved in the game.

  2. My nephews are nuts about fishing. They spent their whole spring break beside the pond. They’d love this game for indoor days when they can’t be outside.

  3. I’d love to surprise my nephew on his birthday in July with this fishing game….I already have a new fishing pole bought, rigged up, and am going to teach him how to fish in the pond behind his house….so excited to show him one of my favorite things to do – GO FISH!

  4. My children would love to try a new game! I love that it is easy enough for them to understand the instructions!

  5. My kids love games! We are a big game family. It’s a great way to learn to take turns and follow directions, and they don’t even know they’re learning! 🙂

  6. My younger boys would have a blast with this and we could ‘share’ with the other preK and early elementary kids at our church’s MOMS group. They are always looking for activities the kids can do.

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