Grace of God DVD

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Grace of God DVD #GraceofGodMovieI enjoy family films especially Christian ones. Some Christian films present people in a “too good to be true” light. Even Christians struggle. We make mistakes. We sin. We’re real. I’m sure there are people who really do act close to perfect but I don’t know any of them and it’s difficult for me to relate to a film that doesn’t feel real to me. That’s why I enjoyed Grace of God DVD so much.

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Grace of God DVD

Grace of God is the story of the theft of a collection plate in a local church. Detective Bill Broadly lost his faith many years ago and is called to investigate the disappearance. To find out who the thief is, he talks to the different church members. As more of the members learn about the theft, rumors start to fly.

When a church member finally does confess to stealing the collection plate, it’s not someone that Detective Bill Broadly expected at all. This confession really helps to bring him closer to God and he starts to see Him in a different light. The confession lets him see that you can be redeemed through faith.

If you’re looking for a realistic Christian family film, Grace of God is one you should watch. It is based on the Ten Commandments which is a valuable lesson for children and adults. This movie is approved by for children ages 12 and over as a faith friendly film.  I do think that some younger children would enjoy this movie as long as you had a frank discussion of stealing and sin before the movie.

About the movie:

Released on DVD March 24, 2015
99 Minutes
  •  John Ratzenberger (“Cheers,” WALL-E, Toy Story)
  • Erin Bethea (Fireproof, Letters to God)
  • Lorenzo Lamas (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Falcon Crest”)
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