The Midwife of Bethlehem by Shad Driggs

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The Midwife of Bethlehem by Shad DriggsA product was provided for this post. The story is my own.

The Midwife of Bethlehem
Author: Shad Driggs
Genre: Fiction, Children’s
Release: November 14, 2015
Publisher: The Cadence Group
32 pages

Rebecca, the midwife of Bethlehem, is used to having her days and nights interrupted to help deliver babies. After all, she’s nearly delivered all of the children born in the small town for 14 years. But, on a clear and starry night, when she receives a knock on her door that a woman needs help delivering her baby, Rebecca couldn’t know that on that special night, she would share in the birth of the King, the Deliverer, the Messiah and that our world would be forever changed.

The Midwife of Bethlehem by Shad Driggs

I enjoyed story of the birth of Jesus from the eyes of someone other than Mary and Joseph or the Wise Men. No midwives are mentioned of course in the bible but if someone did help Mary give birth, it would have been midwives. True or not, The Midwife of Bethlehem by Shad Driggs is beautiful and focuses on the birth of a special child, and less on the star and the inn.

The illustrations are simple and soft which matches the feel of the book. Scripture is sometimes quoted but always as part of the text of the book. It’s as if the characters are reminding each other of it. The scriptures are mentioned at the back of the book with the book titles and numbers so you can look them up if you want to.

The Midwife of Bethlehem by Shad Driggs will make another great book for Christmas time and would make a great addition to any Christian household with children.

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  1. This sounds like a lovely Christmas book to read with the boys. I can imagine that anyone attending Christ’s birth would have felt how different it was from the others they had experienced.

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