The Surprising Imagination of C S Lewis

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The Surprising Imagination of C S Lewis by Jerry Root and Mark NealWhen I was little, I loved to daydream. I can remember sitting under a tree (or on my bed) with my eyes closed for hours just thinking. I always lived in magical worlds and had amazing adventures. When I wasn’t daydreaming, you could find me with my nose in a book.

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The Surprising Imagination of C S Lewis

It’s no surprise with my imagination that I enjoyed books by C S Lewis. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was one of my all time favorite books. Of course, when my kids were old enough, I made sure to have them read the books as well.  They both enjoyed the series just as much as I did.

As an adult, I never gave much thought to other books that C S Lewis wrote.  I found out that he has written a number of books including The Screwtape Letters which I enjoyed in high school. I had totally forgotten he wrote that.  The Surprising Imagination of C S Lewis gives you an insight into his imagination and his life. Each chapter takes a look at a different story and how he used imagination in each.

I loved learning more about where C S Lewis came up with the ideas for his stories and was surprised to learn how deeply Christianity played a part in his writings. He was an adult convert to Christianity.

This is a very deep book, not a casual story. It’s written a lot like a college textbook and I found myself re-reading passages to make sure that I was understanding each part. I found myself picking certain chapters to re-read based on the stories I enjoyed while I was younger.  I definitely found myself wanting to re-read The Screwtape Letters again as an adult. There were so many different things I learned about how and why he wrote the story that I know I must have missed a lot of deeper understanding as a child.

If you’re a fan of C S Lewis or any of his books, I definitely recommend you read The Surprising Imagination of C S Lewis. Don’t try to read it all at once. Take it in small bites and make sure you understand it. It’s really worth it.

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  1. I remember seeing a Christian TV program that talked about his conversion to Christianity. I think it was It Is Written–love that one. I also haven’t looked into all the books he wrote besides the most popular ones. I do love my textbooks so would probably like this one.

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