How to Keep the Kids Occupied at Disneyland

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Hi y’all, I’m Danielle from over at Busy Mom’s Helper and Ellen’s sweet enough to let me take over her awesome blog for a minute! Who else hates waiting in line at Disneyland? I do, and my kids DEFINITELY do! This sparked an idea, and now our ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book is ready to save the day from boring theme park lines!

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How to Keep the Kids Occupied at Disneyland

How to Keep the Kids Occupied at Disneyland

This awesome book is such a lifesaver when going to Disneyland and California Adventure! Instead of the kids asking ‘how much longer’ every 2 minutes while waiting for a ride, they’re happily occupied with the many games and fun activities in this book.

Forget boring autograph pages – we’ve got more than 20 craftily designed spots for their favorite characters! Themed after classics like Donald and Goofy, princesses like Belle and Rapunzel, even new favs like Darth Vader and the Avenger – these take meeting characters to a whole new level of exciting!

What type of activities are in it? Oh my gosh, there’s a LOT, and we made sure to include a variety to keep even the younger ones’ attention spans happy! With word searches, mazes, coloring, trivia, maps, matching and even designing their own Tarzan’s Treehouse, it’ll take a lot for them to run out of things to do.

How to Keep the Kids Occupied at Disneyland

Even though the kids have a blast checking off completed rides, we mainly included the ride checklists (divided into the ‘lands’) for the parents, complete with height requirements for easy reference. I always hated shoving to the ride entrance just so I can see what their height limits were, but now it’s a quick look in the book!

You’ll want to hold on to this book for years to come because we’ve got several pages for writing down favorite moments, funny memories, top rides, even a place for them to trace their handprint so you can remember how big – or little – they were!

How to Keep the Kids Occupied at Disneyland

Don’t worry, this book isn’t bulky – we sized it to 6×9 so it was big enough for nice pages, but small enough that it fits into your bags, or easy for the kids to carry – ours wouldn’t put them down! With a total of 66 complete pages, it should keep the kids entertained in lines for your whole Disneyland trip.

So it fit with what works best for most people, we made it two ways – you can get a PDF to download, print, and bind yourself. Or avoid that hassle and nab a professionally printed book with nice, shiny cover. Whatever works best for your family, this will take more stress OUT of your vacation, and add a lot of fun back IN!

Order today!

How to Keep the Kids Occupied at Disneyland

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