Vermeer Beyond Time on DVD

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Have you heard of Johannes Vermeer? His life has been showcased in a movie called Vermeer Beyond Time. Find out more about this PBS DVD.

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Vermeer Beyond Time on DVD from PBSVermeer Beyond Time

Vermeer Beyond Time explores the life and work of one of the most loved, influential, and well-known artists, Johannes Vermeer. Images from his paintings have become part of our collective imagination and are instantly recognizable.

In this new feature documentary, French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Cottet adopts an imaginative and sensitive approach to his subject, focusing on not only his work, but also his family life, including his conversion to Catholicism, his artistic contemporaries, and the wider world of the short-lived Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century.

In 1675, overwhelmed by poverty, physically weakened, and humiliated, Vermeer dies at the age of 43. Soon afterward, his paintings are sold to cover his debts, and Vermeer disappears from memory. His rediscovery some 200 years later has seen his popularity soar, claiming both our hearts and our admiration.

Includes: Interview with Dr. Arthur K Wheelock Jr. the Creator of Northern Baroque Paintings at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

My thoughts:

So, Johannes Vermeer created less than 40 paintings in his lifetime. He died unknown. I first learned of Johannes Vermeer in an art class I took in college. What makes him standout and his paintings be so easily recognized is the cool way he plays with light and texture.

If you look at some of his paintings, you’ll understand what I mean. One of my favorite paintings every is called The milkmaid. You can see it if you Google the name of it. this DVD walks you through his life and his artwork. I

had no idea that he was unknown during his time or that he died in poverty. That is really sad considering how beautiful and unique his paintings are. Buy it today and learn more about him today.