Where You Go … I Go

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Where You Go … I Go is a sweet book told in the point of view of a young elephant talking to his mother. The book goes through a day in the life of the elephant. Where You Go…I Go was a perfect story theme for Mother’s Day month and made an emotional impact on me while reading it to the kids. The book is written from the perspective of an Where you Go ... I Goinquisitive baby elephant who is talking about how he spends the day with his mother. 

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Where You Go … I Go

Where You Go … I Go tells how from sunrise to sunset the baby elephant is by his mother’s side. I loved how you can feel the security the baby elephant felt with his mother as they traveled together all day. He was certain that she would always be there for him – no matter what. That’s something that I hope that my children will feel always with me, even when they are adults.

This wonderful and heart-moving book conveys the beautiful mother and child bond and I could completely relate to the mother-child relationship because I have a wonderful relationship with my own children. They (mother and child elephant) discuss their hopes and dreams for the future and this pair of elephants will definitely pull at your heartstrings as you read it with your child.

The best part is the final page where they settle down for the night-a quiet ending that’s a perfect way to finish this gentle book. The author’s writing leaves you knowing how much love the baby elephant has for his mother and their unbreakable bond towards each other. We found the book to be easy to read. The story is simple, but the illustrations are beautiful.

The book is perfect for toddler and preschool age and older readers who want to read to younger siblings. Buy it today.

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