Wise Guys by Kent Evans

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The world changes so quickly that it’s difficult sometimes to read the Bible and understand how it applies to our world today. The world we live in isn’t anything like the world that the Bible talks about. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy reading Christian books. It makes it easier for me to see how to apply that knowledge to today’s world. Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom From the Men Around You by Kent Evans with Rob Suggs is a book that will help you put things in perspective. Wise Guys by Kent Evans

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Wise Guys by Kent Evans

For guys, more than ever, it is a confusing world. Your GPS doesn’t offer any maps showing how to get to the point of wisdom — and who likes asking for directions anyway? But there are ways to get that guidance you need.

The answers may be all around you, in the form of guys you already know. Wise guys. More experienced guys. Better-traveled guys. Could there be ways to tap into their invaluable knowledge without enduring dull lectures or taking pages of notes?

Kent Evans has surrounded himself with these wise guys. They have shown him all the back roads on the way to wisdom. With a great deal of humor and an endless supply of stories, he wants to show you how to gather life-enriching truth from the guys in your own circle.

I found that Wise Guys was a well written and an easy to follow book. The author shares a number of stories and life lessons that he went through which makes the book something that the guy in your life should be able to relate to.

At the end of each story are a number of different questions to consider that will help you apply the lesson you learned to your life and will really make you think. I love how the author gives examples from life today and shows how the words from the Bible really apply to it. It’s definitely a book that I would recommend to my son or husband.

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  1. I really like that this book helps us interpret the Bible in our current time and circumstances. While I know that this is aimed at men, I think many women could find guidance in this book as well.

  2. My son needs this as he has been raised without his father in his life and I want him to learn to be the best father with his son.

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