Wordgirl Monkey Business DVD

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Wordgirl Monkey Business DVD
Genre: Children’s
Run Time: 50 minutes
DVD Release Date: June 10, 2014
Studio: PBS (Direct)
Special features: Interactive games, video shorts, coloring pages

PBS KIDS’ popular WORDGIRL™ series has a new DVD; “WORDGIRL: MONKEY BUSINESS” that released this June. WORDGIRL® is the award-winning animated series from Scholastic Media. The show is about the life of superhero, WordGirl as she fights crime while teaching vocabulary usage. How Wordgirl works is at the beginning of each episode, viewers are told to look out for the new words that will turn up throughout the episode. The definition of the words are given both at the beginning and end of the show, making it a great educational show for kids.

Wordgirl Monkey Business DVD

In this new DVD, WordGirl and her sidekick Captain Huggy Face save the day again while flying into a meat portal and even dealing with a peanut butter gun. Below are all the episodes on the DVD:

“Monkey Business”
After saving the day, WordGirl accidentally leaves Captain Huggy Face behind. He spends the day doing all of his favorite things, when Chuck strikes, and it’s up to Captain Huggy Face to save the day.

“The Meaty Dimension”
The Butcher discovers a portal where all of his meat is stored and comes up with a plan to trap Huggy and WordGirl so that he can take over the city.

“Whammer Anniversary”
Mr. and Mrs. Botsford asks Becky to babysit TJ so they can celebrate their anniversary at a local ice cream parlor. When the Whammer can’t get the sundae he orders he starts “whamming.” Wordgirl has to save her parents while still babysitting TJ, and still keep her secret identity intact.

“Peanut Butter Battles”
Chuck adds a new condiment to his arsenal – peanut butter! The highly sticky substance envelops its victims into a giant ball. When WordGirl gets hit with a peanut-buttery blast and Huggy has to roll her around town, will she still be able to save the day?

I love that my kids watched Word Girl over the years. They learned so many big words that I would not expect them to know. Now, my grandchildren are learning as well. The Wordgirl Monkey Business DVD will be watched over and over because the kids do not get tired of watching it. I think we watched it twice already. I’m adding this to our educational DVD collection and I can’t wait to pick up more WordGirl DVDs to add to it!

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  1. I learned they have printables available like bookmarks I can make. I have a laminater I use to make bookmarks and this would be perfect for making some cute bookmarks. They have coloring pages too.

  2. My son loves Word girl. This is a really fun program for kids that helps teach vocabulary. PBS Kids is the best!

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