When The World Becomes Braille: Part 1 – One Night In The 90’s

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I’ve never given a lot of thought to braille before. I’m not blind and don’t know anyone who is. I’ve seen the occasional braille dots next to signs when I’m out shopping, but that’s about all I’ve ever thought about it.  There are braille codes for different languages and even for music and math. The patterns of the six different dots make up a Braille cell. Different arrangements of dots make up different characters. When The World Becomes Braille: Part 1 - One Night In The 90's

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When The World Becomes Braille: Part 1 – One Night In The 90’s

When The World Becomes Braille is the dark and in parts, a laugh-out-loud spiritual journey of Chris and his lifelong friends as their lives meander through relationships, drugs, and violence on a typical London weekend.

Chris is looking for a way to end his relationship with Rachel, the person that could be the love of his life while trying to understand the signs which seem to be appearing before him. Two chance encounters with an old school friend kick-starts a chain of events which will change his life forever…

My thoughts:

One Night in the 90’s is the first part of a larger story called When the World Becomes Braille. In part one, Chris and his friends are on their way to pick up their girlfriends.

Chris’ thoughts drift to different times in his life and the decisions he’s made, both bad and good.  He unexpectedly meets an old friend and starts questioning the way his life is going.

Chris begins to notice that he sees flashes of braille “mist” in certain situations and starts to think that he sees a pattern in the times they appear. He pushes the thought away because it makes him uncomfortable and he doesn’t want to think about it and life goes on.

I’m intrigued by the first part of When the World Becomes Braille. The author gives away just enough information about these flashes of Braille to get you hooked. I also enjoyed watching

Chris develop and change throughout the story, and the story ended in a way that I want to read part two and find out whether it’s just Chris experiencing this or not and if he’s able to understand what’s going on. Definitely an intriguing story.

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