10 Egg Decorating Books for Gorgeous Easter Eggs

10 Egg Decorating Books for Gorgeous Easter Eggs

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Are you looking for egg decorating books? When I was little, egg decorating meant getting one of those boxes of Easter egg dye and turning a dozen eggs pastel. If I was really feeling adventurous, I’d use that little wax crayon to draw on the eggs first. I’ve experimented with homemade dyes and made some really neat decoupage Easter eggs but for the most part, we simply dye our Easter eggs different colors.

10 Egg Decorating Books for Gorgeous Easter Eggs

10 Egg Decorating Books 

There are so many different ways to decorate Easter eggs that I thought I would share ten egg decorating books to inspire you to try something different this Easter. Decorating Easter eggs is a fun family tradition. But, it’s not just for the kids. There are lots of fun egg decorating methods even adults will enjoy.

If you’re not familiar with the different types of egg decorating, here are a few definitions.

Ukranian egg decorating

For Easter, Ukrainians make pysanky which is Easter eggs decorated in the batik method using wax. You can find a few books below that will show you how to use this method when you decorate eggs. This is also called Pyansky egg decorating.

Easter eggs in plastic green grass


Fun egg decorating books for the whole family

decorative Easter eggs in a nest

  • Wax and Feathers: The Art of Sorbian Egg Decoration – With a couple of feathers, some old crayons, and a candle, you can turn a plain egg into a work of art! The Sorbian method of egg decorating is similar to other Slavic traditions.
  • Great Book of Egg Decorating – Turn ordinary eggshells into works of art with traditional designs. For centuries, people have revered the egg as a symbol of life, fertility, and love. And, they have developed an array of artistic possibilities.
  • Decorating Eggs (How-To Library) – Provides step-by-step instructions for decorating eggs with such designs as speckles, zebra stripes, and rainbows. And, it discusses how egg decorating became popular.
  • Decorating Eggs: 15 Fun and Stylish Projects for Decorating Eggs – Decorating Eggs contains 15 fun and stylish projects to give as presents to friends and family or to decorate your home.

10 Egg Decorating Books for Gorgeous Easter Eggs

Pysanky egg decorating

  • Pysanky Patterns and Designs – The art of decorating eggs has a Ukrainian history long antedating Christianity. But, it has become associated with Easter when adults and children indulge their love of design and color in spectacular painted eggs.

Folk painting ideas for eggs

10 Easter Egg Decorating Books for Gorgeous Eggs

So, how will you decorate your Easter eggs this year? Here are a few egg-decorating supplies you might need.

10 Egg Decorating Books for Gorgeous Easter Eggs #Easter

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