Alice in Wonderland Origami Book With Paper

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This Alice in Wonderland Origami craft book is perfect for anyone who enjoys the Japanese art of origami. If you haven’t tried origami, I hope you will.

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Alice in Wonderland Origami Book With PaperAlice in Wonderland Origami

Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale comes to colorful new life in this beautifully illustrated storybook/craft guide combination. A modern retelling of Alice’s adventures is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions for folding all the major characters: Alice herself, the White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts, and more.

Plus, the book also includes 42 ready-to-fold sheets of origami paper. Buy it now.

About the Author

Pasquale D’Auria has created over 300 original models, published all over the world. He has been a Guest Star at conventions in Munich (1995), Stockholm (2000), Paris (2001), Santiago de Compostela (2003), and Madrid (2011). He has published several books and is co-author of a collective volume entitled Origami Made in Italy.

Alice in Wonderland Origami Review

So, this is a great book for someone who has a basic understanding of origami. In the beginning of the book is a symbol key that will help you understand how to follow the directions. And, in between the story of Alice in Wonderland are the different origami projects for the characters you meet in the story.

The book includes 42 sheets of origami paper to really make your character come to life. Now, I really love that they mix the story in with the directions for the characters.

This means you can use this book with your child over a few weeks as a crafting activity. Or, you can create the characters as you have time and move ahead in the story at your own pace.

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